Does Hyundai Casper N Make Sense?

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The Hyundai Casper surprised many of you as we have received good feedback about it and today our colleagues at 722_modeing created a rendering of how a possible Casper N could look and the result is nice, what do you think?

Everything we know so far

The name of the vehicle, ‘CASPER’, was inspired by the ‘Casper’ technology, which landed by flipping a skateboard. This reflects Hyundai Motor Company’s will to change the game and stereotypes of the existing automobile market with a new car class and superior product quality.

Casper has a total length of 3,595mm, a wheelbase of 2,400mm, a full width of 1,595mm, and a total height of 1575mm, and consists of a basic model with 1.0 MPI and an Active model with 1.0 T-GDI (turbocharged).

Casper’s exterior design captures the youthful and dynamic sensibility of an entry SUV based on dignifiedness and robustness.

The front design completes Casper’s unique style with a detachable layout with a turn signal lamp at the top and an iconic round LED daytime running light at the bottom, a futuristic parametric pattern grille, and a wide skid plate. The side part emphasized the vehicle’s dynamism with the voluminous fenders and high ground clearance.

The black A-pillar that visually connects the front and side first-row windows emphasizes the sense of openness, and the solid impression is emphasized through the B-pillar and bridge-type roof rack that are seamlessly connected to the door panel.

In addition, the rear door handle was applied as a hidden type to the window glass part, adding a refined and clean impression. The unique character emblem for Casper, which resembles a smiling person, was installed on the top of the rear door handle to clearly reveal the individuality of the vehicle.

At the rear, a wide tailgate with increased left and right widths is applied to enhance loading convenience.

In addition, the parametric pattern of the front grille was applied to the rear lamp to emphasize the futuristic feel, and the same circular turn signal lamp on the front and rear completed the design with a sense of unity.

Hyundai also presented an active model image with a turbo engine and sporty design elements.

The active model emphasized dynamism by applying a circular intercooler intake and mesh-type grille to the front. A dynamic image was completed with a skid plate with a sporty design on the front and a skid plate with a diffuser design on the back.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor Company opened a Casper website and sequentially provides information related to Casper purchases, such as the ‘Early Bird Reservation Notification Application Event’.

Casper is a target for all generations seeking individuality and youthful sensibility. Please look forward to Casper, which will set a new standard for entry-level SUVs and lead to sympathy between generations.

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

Passionated about Korean cars from Hyundai, Kia & Genesis. Photographer. I love being in nature, hiking. Tech lover.

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