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Hyundai Motor Company produced a concept model called ‘Heritage Series Grandeur’ to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Grandeur, the flagship sedan. This project, led by Hyundai Motor’s interior design team, was conducted based on the first-generation Grandeur to discover new values from the symbolism of the first model and the legacy of the past. The Heritage Series Grandeur, completed after 8 months of work from April last year, provides memories and impressions to middle-aged consumers who remember the first Grandeur, and a ‘retro futureism (Retro Futurism)’ conveys its unique fresh charm. Let’s take a closer look at the charm of the Heritage Series Grandeur.

The Heritage Series Grandeur preserves the simple body design of the first Grandeur while redesigning pixel design lamps, as well as elements such as grille, wheels, exterior mirrors, and moldings. The core of this project is the inside of the car body. The Heritage Series Grandeur is equipped with an electric drive system composed of a battery and a motor instead of an internal combustion engine, and features a refined interior with a straight line focus and a luxurious interior reinterpreted through today’s technology.

Hyundai Motor’s interior design team in charge of the Heritage Series Grandeur project (from left: Researcher Sang-ah Ko, Researcher Lee Dong-won, Senior Researcher Woo-soon Choi)

The past and present coexist in the interior of the Heritage Series Grandeur. Elements reminiscent of those times, such as the unconventional single-spoke steering wheel and mechanical gear knob, were decorated in a different style while maintaining their shape. On the other hand, the upper part of the dashboard is equipped with an ultra-wide display that catches the eye, giving it a modern feel. For reference, the long vertical display at the bottom of the center fascia serves as the main controller of the infotainment system. Considering both aesthetics and convenience, it is possible to easily operate multimedia, driving mode, and air conditioning system through the touch function display.

Velvet with a strong impression finished with the seat is a key material that connects the first Grandeur and the Heritage Series Grandeur. Velvet is a material that is rarely used in automobiles recently, but when the first Grandeur was on sale, it was considered a high-quality material like Alcantara or Nappa leather. The velvet material of the seat, which is covered with leather on the outside to emphasize the sense of luxury, provides a comfortable sitting feeling and a soft touch. The use of different materials for one part was inspired by the door trim of the first Grandeur, which applied both velvet and fabric.

The widely loved leather was also used abundantly. It maximizes the sense of luxury by using leather for parts that come in contact with the body of passengers, such as the center console in the first and second rows, and the door trim. Also, the scattered storage space was not treated as a mere practical area. For emotional satisfaction, the level of perfection has been raised like leather crafts or high-end furniture. The opening and closing storage space of the door trim is inspired by a luxury clutch bag, and the storage cover of the first row center console and dashboard boasts a simple and old-fashioned styling with motifs from the covers of classic speakers and grand pianos, respectively.

The dashboard interior of the Heritage Series Grandeur is designed according to acoustic theory similar to that of a concert hall. In other words, the interior itself was made into a single instrument. It was designed to reduce noise and deliver high-pitched sounds to passengers more clearly, and low-pitched sounds to emphasize the unique impact and create a more magnificent sound. In addition, the speakers located at the left and right corners of the cockpit were tilted at a 45-degree angle toward the center of the interior. This is a design that considers the sound to be delivered more intuitively to the occupants.

Car audio systems typically have a 2-way or 3-way speaker configuration by combining a woofer, mid-range, and tweeter. On the other hand, the Heritage Series Grandeur is equipped with a 4-way system that once again divides the woofer into a mid woofer and a main woofer. Through the subdivision of the woofer and 18 numerous speaker units, the Heritage Series Grandeur provides a satisfying acoustic environment with richer and more colorful sound.

The digital display at the bottom of the center fascia also supports interesting entertainment functions. It is designed so that you can enjoy music in the car by applying the digital piano function. This is the result of collaboration with Samick Musical Instruments, and it was inspired by the fact that famous artists surprisingly compose music in the car rather than in the studio. These days, the amount of time spent in the car has increased due to COVID-19.

Another keyword that penetrates the Heritage Series Grandeur is ‘light’. The beauty of this concept model is that a beam of light that starts from the left and right ends of the dashboard penetrates the B-pillar and encompasses the interior. It also did not miss to provide visual pleasure to the occupants with a fun gimmick that reveals the silhouette of the speaker unit when the flow of light reaches the location where the speaker is located.

The colorful lighting on the ceiling adds a unique sense by applying the effect of reflection of light through a parallel mirror, often called an ‘infinity mirror’. This adds a sense of infinite space above the head and provides the effect of making the interior appear larger. At the same time, the edge of the lighting module is finished with soft indirect lighting and wood material to maximize the sense of luxury. The bronze-colored light that fills the room is a retro color commonly seen in vintage audio using vacuum tubes, providing a subtle and sensual atmosphere.

Hyundai Motor Company’s Heritage series has great significance in discovering new values.
The attitude of ‘All Gods and Gods’ was unraveled through the first Grandeur and the Heritage Series Grandeur.

The Heritage Series, which discovers new values and charms from the legacy of the past, is expected to continue its legacy with the addition of ‘Heritage Series Galloper’ in the future. For reference, Hyundai Motor Company held the ‘Sustainable EV Heritage’ program on November 6 (Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang) and November 20 (Hyundai Motor Studio Seoul) in the presence of Hak-su Ha, managing director of Hyundai Interior Design Office, and Choong-gu Lee, former president of Hyundai Motors. Master Talk Series will be held under the theme of The talk concert will tell the story of Project Heritage Series Pony, which started to look back in time and predict the future direction, as well as the Heritage Series Grandeur, designed with the concept of light and sound, which are non-material materials.

Lee Dong-won, a researcher from Hyundai Motor’s interior design team, who carried out the Heritage Series Grandeur project, said, “It’s important for designers to draw the future, but it’s also important to look back on what we drew in the past.” He emphasized that it is a meaningful work. I look forward to the day when we can meet the innovative concepts, designs, and fresh materials introduced in this project through new cars.

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