Genesis Officially Launches GV70 Electrified

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The Genesis brand (hereinafter referred to as Genesis) announced on the 24th (Thursday) that it would open the main specifications and price of the ‘GV70 electrified model (hereinafter referred to as GV70)’ and start a pre-order.

The GV70 is a mid-size luxury electric SUV from Genesis, which optimizes the characteristics of a fast and powerful electric vehicle while maintaining the luxurious driving feel of the existing internal combustion engine model through ideal battery placement and suspension tuning.Genesis is expected to lead the high-end mid-size SUV electric vehicle market with the GV70, which applies a large number of advanced convenience features to outstanding power performance and electric vehicle-specialized new technology. In particular, following the G80 and GV60, the GV70 will be equipped with three types of electric vehicle lineup to expand customer choice and to use this as an opportunity to further materialize Genesis’ vision for electrification.

■ Securing powerful power performance with maximum output of 320kW and torque of 700Nm
Operating as a single AWD (four-wheel drive) model, the GV70 applies motors with a maximum output of 160kW and a maximum torque of 350Nm to the front and rear wheels respectively, resulting in a combined maximum output of 320kW (360kW in boost mode) and a combined maximum torque of 700Nm. It has performance.In particular, by applying the boost mode, which provides a more dynamic electric vehicle experience by momentarily increasing the maximum output, it can reach 100 km/h from a standstill in 4.2 seconds.

Genesis installed a 77.4kWh battery in the GV70. With a single charge, the maximum driving range is 400 km, and when charging at 350 kW, it can be charged from 10% to 80% of the battery capacity in 18 minutes. The combined power consumption efficiency is 4.6 km/kWh. (Based on 19-inch wheels).

In addition, the Disconnector Actuator System (DAS), which can separate or connect the motor and the drive shaft according to the driving situation, is applied to the front wheel to freely switch between 2WD and AWD driving methods to minimize unnecessary power loss and increase driving efficiency.

The GV70 is equipped with the brand’s first e-terrain mode. The e-Terrain mode utilizes a motor to distribute the driving force accordingly when the driver selects the snowy (SNOW), sandy (SAND), or muddy (MUD) modes according to the road surface condition, enabling stable driving on rough roads. Braking performance to support power performance and collision safety specialized for electric vehicles are also characteristics of the GV70.

The integrated electric booster (IEB) that provides high regenerative braking provides fuel efficiency increase, excellent braking response, and optimal braking feel at the same time. In addition, stable braking power was secured by standardizing the front wheel monoblock (4P) brake.

It also has a brake mode that allows you to adjust the braking feel according to the driver’s preference. When you change the brake mode from ‘Comfort’ to ‘Sport’, you can feel more agile braking performance in the daily driving section.

Genesis applied lightweight materials to the GV70 and optimized the body design by minimizing the number of parts. Compared to the GV70 internal combustion engine model, the body rigidity of the electrified model has been increased by 24%, and through this, passengers and the battery are safely protected.

In addition, in the event of a side collision, the front seat center side airbag is installed as standard to reduce injuries caused by collisions between the driver and front passenger.

■ Excellent interior quietness and smooth ride comfort complete the driving sensibility
Genesis applied ANC-R (Active Noise Control-Road), an active noise control technology, to the GV70 to ensure quietness.This technology measures and analyzes road noise in real time through 4 sensors and 8 microphones, and at the same time transmits sounds of opposite phases to the speaker, dramatically reducing the level of indoor noise perceived by customers.

In addition, it is equipped with an electronically controlled suspension that controls the damping force of the suspension by recognizing road surface information in advance using the front camera and navigation information. Here, dynamic torque vectoring (eDTVC), which optimally distributes torque to each wheel using braking force and motor driving force when turning the vehicle, is applied to provide customers with an optimal riding experience.

■ Providing a new user experience with a dedicated electric vehicle-level charging system and special specifications
The GV70 is equipped with a 400V/800V multi-quick charging system that can use various charging infrastructures.Through this, customers can use 800V super-fast charging infrastructure as well as 400V chargers without a separate converter.In addition, the indoor/outdoor V2L (Vehicle to Load) function that can supply general power (220V) to the outside of the vehicle is applied as standard.V2L provides power consumption of up to 3.6kW, which is higher than that used in general households, allowing electronic devices to be used without restrictions in various external environments.

In addition, Smart Regeneration System 2.0 helps to improve fuel efficiency by automatically adjusting the amount of regenerative braking using forward traffic flow, driver’s deceleration pattern and navigation information, and i-Pedal, which accelerates, decelerates, and stops using only the accelerator pedal in normal driving situations. Electric vehicle-specific specifications such as mode enhance driving convenience.

■ Various eco-friendly materials and user-friendly cutting-edge specifications are applied in a spacious interior space
The GV70 inherits the relaxed and balanced interior and stylish and dynamic exterior of the existing internal combustion engine model, while adding various eco-friendly materials and differentiated elements unique to the electric SUV model. The interior has improved livability by lowering the center tunnel and minimizing the thickness of the vehicle body floor, and by minimizing the height of the rear wheel electrification system, the second row space equivalent to that of the GV70 internal combustion engine model was secured. In addition, with a trunk capacity of 503 liters and a trunk capacity of 22 liters, it has an excellent loading space compared to the same class.In addition, the 12.3-inch cluster with a graphical user interface (GUI) dedicated to the electrified model creates a high-tech atmosphere.

Genesis realized the sustainability pursued by the brand by using eco-friendly materials in the interior of the GV70.A fabric using recycled PET was applied to the vehicle ceiling (headlining), and a natural leather seat containing wool fabric created a luxurious interior with an eco-friendly image.The front grill of the GV70 exterior expresses Genesis’s unique electric vehicle image with a G-matrix pattern for electric vehicles that considers aerodynamic efficiency. The charging port located at the top of the grill looks like a part of the grill because the border of the charging port is not exposed when closed. In the rear part, a wide and concise horizontal bumper is arranged and a modern image is emphasized through a skid plate with a simple design. Wheels can be selected from 19-inch and 20-inch wheels exclusively for electrified models.

There are a total of 11 exterior colors such as Cardiff Green, Carbon Metal, and Uyuni White, and the interior has a total of 3 types including Fine Grove Two-Tone, Glacier White Two-Tone, and Black Mono.The GV70 is equipped with many advanced safety and convenience specifications.

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

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