Genesis G90 Autonomous Model Grille Leaked

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genesis g90 autonomous level 3 grille

We’ve been following the development of the 4th generation Genesis G90 Autonomous Level 3, a feature that was missing at the model launch, but like with the Mercedes Benz S-Class, it will be added after the launch. Now we found at Bobaedream that Genesis already patented the new grille with two holes destinated for LiDAR radars.

Those prototypes spotted several times showed a two-radar system installed in the front grille. But after Genesis revealed the full specs and information of its flagship, this feature was missing.

Recently, Mercedes have released this technology for its 1-year old S-Class. Level 3 autonomous driving regulations have allowed drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel. The name of this technology is Highway Driving Pilot or “HDP”.

HDP enables autonomous driving within a certain speed while driving on the highway and supports automatic lane change. Unlike the announcement at the beginning of the year, the new G90 has the same specifications as other Genesis models such as Highway Driving Assist 2 and Smart Cruise Control.

genesis g90 autonomous level 3 grille

G90 prototype caught with two front radars

However, there is a possibility that HDP will be added in the future for the new G90 as the prototypes continues testing according to this image from MoCar. The over-the-air software update (OTA) installed in the new G90 includes not only navigation updating capabilities, also electronic control systems such as the steering wheel or advanced driver assistance systems could be updated.

Back early 2021, Genesis announced that the future G90 will have this system when released in 2022. But as the mode was released finally at the end of 2021, maybe they keep this feature to be unveiled in the near future. As a note, despite Mercedes unveiled this technology on the new S-Class, this feature is limited to Germany and under some conditions as highway traffic jams and under 60 km/h limit.

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