Hyundai Unveils Enhanced ccNc Infotainment System

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hyundai ccnc

Hyundai Motors starts the new year with a significant update to its infotainment system, known as ‘ccNc’, specifically targeting improvements in the cluster (dashboard) design. This move reflects the growing importance of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) in automotive design, particularly in the era of digital dashboards.

ccNc System: A Leap Forward in Car Infotainment

Upon its release, Hyundai’s ccNc system received praise for its usability but faced criticism for its cluster design, which many felt lacked detail and sophistication, especially in higher-end models like the Grandeur and Santa Fe. Addressing this feedback, Hyundai has announced updates to enhance the system’s software, including Over-The-Air (OTA) updates and wireless phone projection capabilities.

The Evolution of Car Interior Design

Today’s automotive interior design is dominated by digital displays, a significant shift from the past where physical components were more prominent. As a result, the design and functionality of these displays, and the systems powering them, have become increasingly critical. Hyundai’s ccNc update is set to offer a more refined experience, keeping pace with the industry’s move towards larger, more interactive displays.

hyundai ccnc

New Design Aesthetics: Merging Simplicity with Luxury

The original ccNc system featured a flat and simple design, which was practical but fell short in matching the luxury of the vehicle’s interior and price range. Hyundai has taken this feedback seriously and plans to introduce a new cluster design via OTA updates. This approach follows Hyundai’s strategy of continuously enhancing vehicle features, as previously seen with the Genesis models.

The new design retains a simple ethos but adds sophistication with gradient elements and font changes. It offers two themes: a ‘Modern’ theme emphasizing digital elements and a ‘Classic’ theme that mirrors the look of analog dashboards. These designs are expected to resonate well with higher-end models, drawing positive feedback from various car communities and enthusiasts.

Rolling Out the Updates

Hyundai will prioritize models equipped with the ccNc system for the OTA updates. The timeline for similar updates to Kia and Genesis models remains undecided.

Hyundai’s move to update the ccNc infotainment system reflects the automaker’s commitment to evolving with customer needs and technological trends. By focusing on the details that enhance the driving experience, Hyundai demonstrates its dedication to not only keeping up with the industry standards but also setting new benchmarks in automotive interior design.

hyundai ccnc

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