Hyundai Motors Files Patent for All-Solid-State Battery

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hyundai all-solid-state patent

Hyundai Motor is paving the way in advanced battery technology, having recently filed a patent for a groundbreaking foldable all-solid-state battery with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USIPO). This innovative design marks a significant leap forward in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, addressing both efficiency and safety concerns that have been persistent in conventional battery technologies.

A Revolution in Battery Design

The patented battery technology introduces a novel approach by incorporating a zigzag folding pattern in its design. This unique structure primarily aims to increase efficiency per unit area, a significant enhancement over the traditional stacked structures commonly used in batteries. This design not only boosts efficiency but also proves advantageous for mass production, indicating a potential decrease in manufacturing costs for EV batteries.

Breakthrough in Operational Temperature

One of the most remarkable aspects of Hyundai’s all-solid-state battery is its ability to operate efficiently at room temperature (25°C). Previously, solid-state batteries required high operational temperatures, above 60°C, to function effectively. Hyundai’s advancement breaks this limitation, paving the way for more practical and user-friendly applications in electric vehicles. This breakthrough could significantly enhance the appeal and accessibility of EVs to a broader range of consumers.

Advancements in Energy Density and Safety

Hyundai Motors has also made strides in increasing the energy density of these batteries without relying on an anode material. Higher energy density translates to longer driving ranges for EVs, addressing one of the primary concerns of potential EV buyers – range anxiety. Moreover, the use of a solid electrolyte in these batteries presents a safer alternative to the liquid electrolytes used in traditional lithium-ion batteries, thereby reducing the risk of fires – a critical consideration in vehicle safety.

Implications for the Future of Electric Vehicles

This development by Hyundai Motors is more than just an advancement in battery technology; it’s a pivotal shift in the EV landscape. The increased efficiency, enhanced safety, and potential for reduced production costs of these all-solid-state batteries could accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles worldwide. It aligns with global efforts to move towards cleaner, more sustainable modes of transportation, reducing carbon footprints and mitigating the effects of climate change.


As the world increasingly turns towards sustainable solutions, Hyundai Motors’ latest innovation in battery technology represents a significant step forward. By addressing key issues such as efficiency, operational temperature, energy density, and safety, Hyundai is not only advancing its own technological prowess but is also contributing to the broader goal of sustainable and practical transportation solutions. This foldable all-solid-state battery could very well be the catalyst that propels the electric vehicle industry into a new era of efficiency and reliability.

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