Genesis X Snow Speedium, This is the Real Deal

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genesis x snow speedium in the wild (2)

Yesterday, Genesis showcased a new iteraction of its Genesis X concept car. Called the X Snow Speedium, this winter version presents the future of the Genesis design identity, beginning its journey glistening on winter roads in snowy Matterhorn White. The ski rack is designed in collaboration with Anavon Ski, the Swiss tailor-made ski company for unmatched winter adventures.

The Genesis X Speedium is a concept car that showcased the future of electric vehicles and the design philosophy of Genesis, a luxury brand owned by Hyundai. The car is based on the Genesis X Concept, but features a more aggressive and dynamic exterior design in a metallic emerald green color. The car also has an open-top design that enhances the sense of speed and freedom.

The Genesis X Speedium was unveiled in April 2023 as a result of a “freestyle” design exercise that did not follow a conventional process. The car is meant to express the “Athletic Elegance” of Genesis, which combines sportiness and sophistication in a harmonious way. The car also reflects the Korean heritage of Genesis, as the color is inspired by the mountainous landscape of Inje, where a famous racetrack is located, and the interior follows the principle of “the Beauty of White Space”, which is derived from Korean architecture.

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The Genesis X Speedium is not a production car, but a glimpse into the possibilities of EV design for Genesis. The car demonstrates the potential of electric powertrains to deliver high performance and efficiency, as well as the ability of Genesis to create unique and innovative vehicles that stand out from the crowd. The car is also a testament to the creativity and passion of the Genesis design team, who are constantly exploring new ways to express the identity and vision of the brand.

The Genesis X Speedium is not a production car, but a concept car that showcases the future of electric vehicles and the design philosophy of Genesis. However, some sources suggest that the car might enter production in early 2026, or pave the way for future Genesis EVs. Therefore, the possibilities of reaching production for the Genesis X Speedium are not clear, but not impossible. It might depend on the market demand, the technological feasibility, and the strategic vision of Genesis.

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