US-Spec Hyundai IONIQ 5 N Spotted Testing

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us-spec hyundai ioniq 5 n spied

Hyundai Motor Company N brand’s first high-performance electric vehicle, IONIQ 5 N, is two months away from starting sales in the U.S-market and our colleagues at KindelAuto captured a prototype in SoCal.

The IONIQ 5 N is characterized by its overwhelming driving performance by applying various high-performance electric vehicle N-specific technologies, such as a high-performance four-wheel drive system, a high-output battery of 84.0 kWh, and a high-performance EV-specific thermal management control system.

The IONIQ 5 N is equipped with front and rear motors that exhibit a combined maximum output of 448 kW (609 horsepower) and maximum torque of 740 Nm (75.5 kgf m), and a mode in which the output is greatly increased for a certain period of time to demonstrate maximum acceleration performance. When using ‘N Grin Boost (NGB)’, the combined maximum output increases to 478 kW (650 horsepower) and maximum torque to 770 Nm (78.5 kgf m), reaching 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds. .

The IONIQ 5 N features ▲’N Pedal’ that uses regenerative braking to help with cornering ▲’N Drift Optimizer’ that helps smooth drifting ▲driver’s ability to control the driving force of the front and rear wheels It provides excellent cornering performance by applying various specialized specifications, such as ‘N Torque Distribution (NTD)’ that can be directly distributed.

In addition, ‘N Battery Preconditioning (NBP)’, which preheats/cools the battery to an appropriate temperature before starting driving, and ‘N Race’, which controls the battery temperature so that it can run on the track with optimal performance, etc. Equipped with an innovative battery thermal management system, performance can be maintained even under harsh track driving conditions.

Hyundai Motor Company has introduced the ‘N e-Shift’ virtual shift system for the IONIQ 5 N, which provides the shifting feel of an internal combustion engine vehicle through motor control, and a virtual shift system for high-performance electric vehicles that can be heard both inside and outside the vehicle. The sound system ‘N Active Sound + (NAS+)’ was applied to further enhance the fun of driving.

In addition, the vehicle has a high-performance specialized design suitable for dynamic driving performance by applying differentiated design specifications such as ▲N-specific radiator grille ▲EV N-specific luminous orange strip ▲N-specific rear spoiler. In addition, N brand design specifications were applied to the interior, including ▲steering wheel, ▲door scuff, ▲metal pedal, and ▲bucket seat, further highlighting N’s unique sensibility.

The IONIQ 5 N is operated as a single trim, and the selling price is 76 million won after 5% individual consumption tax and eco-friendly vehicle tax benefits. That’s aproximately $57,000 US dollars.

In addition, Hyundai Motor Company already installed an N brand-specific fast charging station that can charge up to 10 vehicles simultaneously at Inje Speedium in Gangwon-do so that customers can enjoy the track without worrying about charging. Ioniq 5 N customers will also receive free charging benefits. will be provided.

A Hyundai Motor Company official said, “The IONIQ 5 N is the N brand’s first high-performance electric vehicle that is specialized for not only daily driving but also track driving,” and added, “Starting with the IONIQ 5 N, we will deliver the DNA of the N brand that does not change even in the era of electrification.” said.

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