Next-Gen Hyundai NEXO Expected to Have 800km Range

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new hyundai nexo under development

We already have talked about Hyundai’s plan to unveil the next-generation Nexo model in 2025. This was mentioned in Hyundai’s future vision ‘Transition to Hydrogen and Software: Ease every way’ event at the CES 2024 event Media Day and now we have new details about the new generation hydrogen system.

The release schedule has been decided reflecting the advancement in hydrogen technology and the expansion of the charging infrastructure. While the exact specifications have not yet been revealed, it is expected to be significantly improved in performance compared to the current model.

The current Nexo model is equipped with a single motor producing 154 horsepower and 40.3 kg.m of torque, capable of driving up to 611 km with three hydrogen tanks. The new model is expected to increase the driving range to 800 km and improve the performance of the motor.

Initially rumored to be a completely new generation, the new Nexo is now expected to be a big makeover but based on the current generation. Although not a complete generational shift, the existing Nexo’s interior and exterior designs will be updated to Hyundai’s latest family look, and the product value will be enhanced by adding advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as HDA2+.

Hyundai Expands Hydrogen Value Chain Business

Along with the announcement of the next-generation Nexo’s launch plans, Hyundai recently revealed two resource-cycling hydrogen production technologies: W2H (Waste-to-Hydrogen) and P2H (Plastic-to-Hydrogen).

W2H is a technology that converts organic waste into hydrogen energy. It involves extracting methane generated from organic waste such as food waste, sewage sludge, and livestock manure, converting it into biogas, and then transforming it into hydrogen.

P2H is a technology that converts waste plastic into hydrogen. It involves liquefying hard-to-recycle waste plastic, going through a gasification process to produce syngas, and then refining it into hydrogen. This technology is receiving a lot of attention due to its scale and efficiency.

Meanwhile, Hyundai announced plans to expand its existing fuel cell brand ‘HTWO’ into a group-level hydrogen value chain business. They also plan to offer customized packages through ‘HTWO Grid Solutions’ covering the entire process from hydrogen production to storage, transport, and utilization.

Furthermore, in collaboration with global e-commerce companies, Hyundai plans to actively participate in building a carbon-neutral logistics infrastructure using its hydrogen electric vehicle mobility technology. Through this, they aim to increase the annual hydrogen consumption from 13,000 tons last year to 3 million tons by 2035.

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