KIA America EV February Sales Rise 65% Thanks to EV9

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Kia America announced record sales performance in February, marking significant milestones and continuing its trajectory of innovation and growth. With a total of 59,059 units sold, Kia not only showcases its enduring appeal but also its adeptness at aligning with consumer preferences and emerging trends, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) sector.

A Leap in EV Sales: The EV9 3-row EV SUV Takes Center Stage

Kia’s commitment to electrification is evident in its remarkable 65-percent year-over-year increase in EV model sales through February. This surge is propelled by the continued launch of the award-winning EV9, a 3-row EV SUV that combines space, luxury, and efficiency. The EV9’s reception underscores the market’s growing enthusiasm for electric vehicles that do not compromise on performance or aesthetics.

SUVs Lead the Way: Robust Growth and Market Dominance

Kia’s lineup of rugged and capable SUVs has seen a 6-percent increase year-over-year, constituting 76 percent of February’s sales. This demonstrates the brand’s strength in a segment that is increasingly favored by consumers for its versatility and reliability. Kia’s ability to innovate within this category ensures its ongoing relevance and appeal.

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Record-Breaking Sales: Carnival, Sportage, and Forte Achieve New Heights

Highlighting Kia’s broad appeal, three models have set all-time February sales records. The Carnival minivan experienced a staggering 48-percent increase, the Sportage SUV rose by 18 percent, and the Forte sedan grew by 8 percent. These achievements reflect Kia’s diverse portfolio and its capacity to meet varied consumer needs.

Leadership and Innovation: Kia’s Forward-Thinking Strategy

Eric Watson, vice president of sales operations at Kia America, emphasizes the company’s leadership in the industry, particularly through its innovative EVs and electrified models. The ongoing interest in Kia’s SUVs and the introduction of refreshed models, like the Carnival and K5 at the Chicago Auto Show, alongside the EV9 SUV, signal Kia’s ambition to stay ahead of industry trends.

Detailed Sales Performance

A closer look at Kia’s sales figures reveals the EV9’s promising start, with 1,318 units sold in February alone. The EV6 continues to perform well, alongside a diverse lineup that includes the Rio, Forte, K5, Soul, Niro, Seltos, Sportage, Sorento, Telluride, and Carnival. Each model contributes to Kia’s comprehensive approach to catering to the modern driver’s needs.

Conclusion: Kia’s Unstoppable Momentum

Kia America’s performance in February is a testament to its strategic focus on innovation, electrification, and understanding of consumer demands. With record-breaking sales and a significant uptick in EV adoption, Kia is not just navigating the future of mobility; it’s leading the way. As the automotive landscape evolves, Kia’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation positions it as a pivotal player in the industry’s forward march.

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