Genesis Resumes GV60 Production, Price Cut in Korea

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2024 genesis gv60 launched

Genesis has resumed production and launched the 2024 Genesis GV60 in South Korea, introducing key updates and price adjustments aimed at enhancing consumer appeal. Amidst the competitive electric vehicle (EV) market, the GV60 has undergone significant changes to stay ahead. However, it’s noteworthy that the anticipated 4th generation battery technology, as seen in the IONIQ 5, was not incorporated into the latest GV60 model.

Upgraded Features and Price Adjustments

The 2024 GV60 marks a pivotal moment for Genesis with its strategic option adjustments and notable price reductions. Starting at 64.33 million won, the new GV60 is 600,000 won cheaper than its predecessor. Genesis has streamlined the purchasing process by eliminating the trim level distinctions, instead offering all options as add-ons. For the first time, a recommended trim configuration is available, bundling popular options for convenience and value.

Recommended Configurations for the Discerning Driver

For the 2024 model, Genesis proposes several curated combinations to cater to various customer preferences:

  • The base model enhanced with the Driving Assistance Package II and the Popular Package.
  • A blend of the Signature Design Selection I with the Popular Package for those seeking a touch of luxury and functionality.
  • An all-encompassing package that includes the Signature Design Selection I, the Popular Package, and the Built-in Cam Package for the ultimate driving experience.
genesis gv60 facelift leaked

Early in February, Genesis GV60 Facelift was leaked

Performance and Efficiency

The 2024 GV60 continues to impress with its range and performance metrics. Equipped with a 77.4kWh battery, the vehicle can achieve up to 451 km on a single charge in its 2WD basic configuration. The AWD versions offer varied ranges with 400 km for the basic AWD and 368 km for the Performance AWD. Notably, the Performance AWD variant boasts a combined output of 426 horsepower, which can be temporarily boosted to 489 horsepower. Additionally, Genesis has included a drift mode, further underlining the vehicle’s performance capabilities.

Challenges and Market Response

Genesis faced production challenges in December of the previous year, halting the GV60 production temporarily due to accumulated inventory and sluggish sales. The downturn in EV demand and pre-subsidy budget sales slowdown were significant factors, alongside reduced overseas exports. Despite its luxurious interior and advanced features, the GV60’s sales volume domestically in the last year was 3,198 units, a 42% decrease from the prior year. Experts believe the price, being over 10 million won higher than its platform-sharing counterparts, the IONIQ 5 and EV6, poses a significant barrier to higher sales volumes.

Conclusion: The Road Ahead for Genesis GV60

With the launch of the 2024 model, Genesis aims to rejuvenate the GV60’s market position by addressing previous concerns with strategic pricing and option flexibility. The introduction of recommended configurations and the maintenance of its high-performance credentials are steps toward attracting a broader audience. However, the absence of the anticipated 4th generation battery technology may influence consumer perceptions and choices. As the electric vehicle market continues to evolve, the GV60’s adaptability and luxury offerings will be crucial in its journey towards electrifying success.

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