LG to Supply WebOS Content Platform to KIA EV3

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LG Electronics has announced a significant expansion of its vehicle webOS platform, now extending its capabilities beyond internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. This groundbreaking move will see the integration of vehicle webOS into Kia’s new entry-level electric vehicle, the EV3, set for release in Korea this July.

The Evolution of webOS

Originally developed as an operating system for LG’s smart TVs, webOS has gained a strong reputation for its reliability and user-friendly interface, with over 200 million units in operation worldwide. Leveraging this success, LG Electronics has adapted the platform for automotive use, creating a version of webOS specifically optimized for in-vehicle user experiences (UX).

From Genesis to Kia

The journey of vehicle webOS began with its initial application in the 2024 Genesis GV80 and GV80 Coupe models, launched in October of the previous year. Following this, LG Electronics expanded the technology to other models, including the Genesis G80 and the Kia Carnival. The integration of vehicle webOS into these vehicles has demonstrated the system’s versatility and potential.

Kia EV3: A New Era of In-Car Entertainment

The Kia EV3 will be the first electric vehicle to feature LG’s vehicle webOS. This integration promises a transformative in-car entertainment experience. The EV3’s entertainment system will allow drivers and passengers to stream content in real-time, directly from their vehicle’s interface, in compliance with driving safety regulations.

Extensive Content and OTT Support

The vehicle webOS on the EV3 supports a wide range of Over-The-Top (OTT) services, including YouTube, Netflix, Wave, and TVing. Additionally, the system will come preloaded with 12 dedicated apps, offering a variety of games and other interactive content.

Kia EV3

Introducing LG Channel for Vehicles

One of the standout features of the vehicle webOS is the inclusion of LG Channel, a free, ad-supported streaming service (FAST). LG Channel offers over 80 channels and 400 VODs in Korea, encompassing movies, dramas, animations, and more. Users can enjoy this content without the need for membership registration, making it accessible and convenient.

A Vision for the Future

Eun Seok-hyun, head of LG Electronics’ VS Business Division, expressed the company’s commitment to innovation, stating, “We will continue to introduce new solutions to finished car customers as well as drivers and passengers, including a vehicle webOS content platform that provides an entertainment experience in the car.”

Ryu Chang-seung, head of Kia’s customer experience division, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the premium streaming services available through the EV3’s webOS platform. “We will provide a variety of premium streaming services that customers prefer through EV3 equipped with user-centered technology, including LG’s vehicle webOS content platform,” he said.


The integration of LG’s vehicle webOS into the Kia EV3 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of in-car entertainment systems. By combining cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, LG Electronics and Kia are setting new standards for the automotive industry, offering drivers and passengers an unparalleled entertainment experience on the road. As this technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more exciting developments in the future of electric vehicles and beyond.

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