Genesis X Production Model Could Share Lucid’s Electric Motors

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We already have talked about Genesis X sports car going into production in a limited batch by the end of 2026. Now, a new report from Sisa Journal said the Korean luxury brand is in talks with Lucid Motors in order to discuss for an electric motor cooperation for its flagship sports car.

Hyundai’s Interest in Lucid’s Electric Motors

Hyundai shown interest in Lucid’s high-performance electric motors. Industry insiders report that Jae-hoon Chang, CEO of Hyundai Motor Company, visited Lucid’s headquarters in California earlier this year.

According to sources familiar with Hyundai’s activities, Jae-hoon Chang sent photos taken with Luke Donckerwolke, Hyundai’s Chief Creative Officer (CCO), and Lucid representatives to Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Eui-sun Chung, and briefed him on the trip. The meeting was reportedly to discuss potential cooperation on electric motors.

Hyundai’s Strategy for Genesis Sports Cars

Hyundai Motor Group plans to launch a sports car under its premium brand Genesis, and the collaboration with Lucid is seen as a strategic move to incorporate high-performance electric motors into these vehicles. Genesis aims to release all its models as electric vehicles by 2028, and high-performance electric sports cars are a key part of this plan.

Hyundai recently started recruiting personnel for the Genesis sports car project and its high performance division. The first Korean-made convertible, based on the Genesis X Convertible, is expected to be the foundation of this new sports car. Donckerwolke announced the production plan at Genesis’s annual dealer meeting in the U.S. last year, solidifying the launch of a Genesis sports car.

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Hyundai spied testing Lucir Air near its R&D Center (photo by ShortsCar)

Why Lucid?

Lucid’s electric motors are among the most power-dense in the world. The twin-motor setup in Lucid’s Air model has already made a significant impact in the luxury electric car market, known for its long-range and high-performance specifications.

Despite it is still unconfirmed, Genesis sports cars will be produced in small quantities in 2026. According to this timeline, the time is running out to develop a new high-performance electric motor in less than two years. Considering the development period of the new electric motor, it is evaluated that Hyundai’s application of Lucid’s high-performance electric motor is relatively efficient in terms of time and cost.

Potential Collaboration Details

Currently, the two companies are negotiating the details of their collaboration, including motor pricing and applicable models. While Hyundai has not confirmed the specifics, industry experts believe the partnership could proceed smoothly due to mutual benefits. Lucid plans to pivot from its premium-only strategy, considering the market’s increasing demand for more affordable electric vehicles amid an electric vehicle plateau. Lucid aims to release a $50,000 electric car by 2025, and collaboration with Hyundai’s E-GMP platform could accelerate development timelines and reduce costs.


As the electric vehicle market evolves, strategic partnerships like those between Lucid and Aston Martin, and potentially Lucid and Hyundai, are crucial for advancing technology and meeting market demands. With Lucid’s high-performance motors and Hyundai’s ambitious plans for Genesis, the future of electric sports cars looks promising. This collaboration could set a new benchmark in the electric vehicle industry, combining luxury, performance, and innovation.

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