SEMA 2011: First official images and info about Kia's models.

Kia arrives in fabulous Las Vegas for the 2011 SEMA Show with a roster of six outrageous sports-themed vehicles, including two cars built by the world famous West Coast Customs (WCC). Additional vehicles were conceived and built in-partnership with the popular lifestyle magazine, Antenna, as well as and Kia’s racing partner, Kinetic Motorsports. (more…)

Kia Rio design story II: Interior & Color.

Click to view “Kia Rio design story I: Exterior”.

If “modern” and “youthful” were two keywords in decoding Rio’s exterior design, “firm” and “edgy” should be used to interpret its interior. Kia designers wanted to accommodate drivers’ needs to look good and feel good during weekdays when they are going out to work, as well as during sporty weekends. (more…)

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