Interview: Robert Fisher – 2012 Kia Forte5 Turbo

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This is one of my favorites cars i’ve seen on the internet. I always loved hatchbacks so I had do an interview of a hatchback. When I found Robert’s Forte5 I knew this one is the one. So lets get this interview rolling! This interview was long over due and I’m sorry for all the delays but here we go!

Give us some background about yourself 

I am 35 my b-day is on Thanks giving this year. I have been married for 9.5 years and a father of two girls Heidi 6 and Hannah 2. I am a CDL driver for GFS . 

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• Can you tell us some of the cars you owned? 

I have been buying cars since I was able to earn money. My very first car was a 1972 Thunderbird I got it when I was 13 . Did a lot of burnouts in the drive way. When I was 17 I built my first motor for 1982 Camaro. I took a V6 out and built a 1987 Corvette 350. When I was 19 I started building a 1967 Plymouth Satilite Sport. It was a very big build my father helped with basically ground up with a very potent 440. My first modified 4 cyl was a 1998 Neon ACR it was lowered with wheels and some bolt on motor parts. Over my life I have had around 20 cars and trucks . 


• Have you modified any of those cars, tell us a little bit about them? 

Every car I own gets modified at some point. I love to make things my own and make it different from everyone else . 

• When was the first time you heard or seen the Kia brand? 

Pretty much when they first came about. Always thought of them as 3 cyl throw away cars . 

• Why did you bought your Kia? 

It started in 2011, we bought my wife a 2011 optima ex . I drove it for awhile and just loved. I just could not grasp that I owned a Kia. I still hear the name and still computes as crap lol . We just picked up third one and I just love them. 

• Can you tell us which other manufacture you believe Kia is on the same level and why? 

I would put our optima in the same class as lexus or infinity. My hatch back reminds of like a Honda type built car . 

• Tell us your current modifications on your Forte 5. 

I do not have the Koup I have the 5 door. But all the parts I get are mainly for the Koup. I actually built the car twice, the first time I liked it but not love it. Motor mods are Turbonetics T3/T4 50mm turbo with blanket and header rap ,turbo back TK “3 stainless exhaust, water/meth injection by Devilsown with #3 injector, 750 fuel injectors ,2 heat range lower NGK plugs, large front mount intercooler, all intercooler piping is also header rapped, vacum dis block, light weight pulley, solid motor with urethane inserts, MAP out of 2.0 Geni, oil catch cans, I think that is it under the hood. It is riding on Megan racing coilovers, ARK wheels 18×8.5 30et, Nitto Neo gen tires 205/45/18, Koup bumper, all out side painted gloss black along with roof and mirrors, all fenders are pulled and rolled, complete car has been repainted. In side I have not done much, there is a pioneere single din head unit to make room for my gauges. Gauges are TK boost, AEM oil pressure, AEM AFR, GFB electronic boost controller, polk separates in the front doors, kicker 6.5 subs in the rear doors, alpine 500 watt 5 channel amp, with all monster cables and RCA’s. And always with a fresh wash lol. 

• Tell us what you love about your Forte 5? 

It makes me smile a lot, either from compliments or some baby boomer in his new Mustang or Camaro unable to pass me on the highway. ( I’m a trouble maker). 

• What are your future plans with your Forte 5?

Future plans are level 10 tranny build, built short block from TK tuned on E85 with a possible NOS set up, Swap out front seats to fit 5 point seat belts and strip out rear seats, Full roll cage, air ride, custom big brakes. 

• How do you picture Kia in the next 5 years? 

Pushing 600 HP and all finished in and out .

• Tell us which is your favorite Kia or Hyundai concept car and which concept car you wish they bring to production? Would you change anything based on your personal preference? 

I hope they build the Soul roadster. Offer more HP in the turbo cars or make some type of R package . 

• We know you have recently bought the Kia Optima. Do you have any plans to modify it? If so, what would you do first based on the experience of your Forte5? 

We traded in our 2011 EX Optima for a 2014 all black SX turbo. And yes in about two years I will mod that car for me. It will become my daily driver. It will get bagged with bigger wheels, bolt on performance parts and a ECU flash. That is all I will do to that car . 

• We are dedicating this space for you for any shoutout or any words you would like to say. 

I would like to thank Jesse at for all the help and great deals on parts and dyno tuning, David at D&H collision for all the custom paint and bodywork, and a hand full of guys from our small community (you know who you are) and my wife for letting have my hobbies . 


I hope everyone enjoyed this interview, definitely this car is one of my favorites and hopefully one of yours too.

Here is another another interview with your favorite Korean cars here at your favorite blog. I hope this intreview help you know more about the people behind the screen with awesome Korean cars and skills.

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