Video: All-New Hyundai Sonata R&D Films

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After the launch event of the 7th generation Hyundai Sonata (you can see a journey through 6 generations Sonata’s, here), we want to share with you all the videos and pictures Hyundai offered. Today is time for the R&D films, about how the new Sonata was designed, enginered and tuned. Hit the jump and enjoy!

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]Safety

An impressive 51 percent of the all-new Sonata’s steel is Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS), an increase of 30 percent over the previous generation model. These AHSS components are used to both increase stiffness and more effectively protect passengers, helping the all-new Sonata to achieve top-class safety ratings according to the company’s internal tests.

The new model has been further strengthened by increasing the use of structural adhesive more than ten times when compared with the previous generation model. The addition of dual member structures in main sections of the body has added strength too, while the prevalence of hot-stamped components has increased by 9 percent over the previous model. Notably, the hot-stamped double-section structure on the B-pillar especially contributes greatly to the excellent performance of the all-new Sonata in crash performance tests.

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Driving Performance

The all-new Sonata sets a new standard for ride in a mid-size sedan. Extensive chassis testing and tuning set out to improve the ride characteristics of the all-new Sonata over its predecessor, with particular attention being paid to chassis rigidity. Improved twisting and bending strength have been achieved thanks to greater use of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS), which is twice as rigid and 10 percent lighter than traditional steel, resulting in enhanced safety and driving performance.

As one of the key drivers of Hyundai Motor’s sales, the all-new Sonata was tested in a variety of locations worldwide, including the famed Nürburgring in Germany at Hyundai Motor’s dedicated Technical Center, and the Mojave Proving Ground in California, America, in order to maximize product competitiveness and satisfy the diverse needs of its global audience.

Reducing road noise, vibrations and enhancing driving dynamics were priorities for the all-new Sonata development team. These objectives were achieved in part through optimized suspension damping that gives occupants a soft, silent and comfortable experience. A luxurious feel is generated through exceptional ride comfort, while the thorough development of handling and steering feel allows the all-new Sonata to also offer a stable and secure ride over all road surfaces and in all driving conditions.


Hyundai Motor’s latest interpretation of Fluidic Sculpture provides the all-new Sonata with a high-class, sleek style, a confident stance, and an appearance that is in keeping with Hyundai Motor’s pioneering family look. Ultimately, the balanced, refined styling of the all-new Sonata conveys the dynamic driving experience offered by the new model. 

A single-frame premium 3D hexagonal grille is a key styling element at the front of the all-new Sonata, while refined swage lines on its flanks and futuristic features at its rear contribute to its dynamic shape. Powerful light-emitting diode (LED) daytime running lights and striking rear light clusters add to the new model’s sophisticated appearance.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]The all-new Sonata benefits from improved interior ergonomics, resulting in a completely driver-focused cabin that incorporates Hyundai Motor’s core interior design principles of safety, intuitiveness and simplicity. 

The all-new Sonata provides the luxury feel of a car from the segment above in a mid-size sedan package, conveying a sense of style and dynamism previously unavailable in a Hyundai Motor car in this class. In order to convey this sense of luxury the points of contact between the driver and car were closely examined and enhanced – one result being the high-grade materials such as leather and metal that are utilized throughout. Maximum seat comfort and convenience is provided through the use of high-end environmentally friendly materials and elegant trim details.

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Advanced vehicle infotainment features, including sophisticated next-generation multi-media systems, ensure the all-new Sonata delivers cutting-edge entertainment and connectivity to drivers and passengers. A range of options are available, starting with a 3.8” LCD display, moving up to 8.0” color touchscreen units, each of which utilize intuitive, clear ergonomic displays. Supporting USB, Bluetooth and iPod connectivity, the all-new Sonata also features voice recognition and smartphone integration.

Further convenience is provided by the all-new Sonata’s Smart Trunk function. Using the vehicle’s smart key, the system can be activated (in the user settings menu) to open the trunk automatically when the smart key is detected near the rear bumper for longer than three seconds. Unlike competitor systems, the Smart Trunk function does not utilize an under-fender kick-sensor, but employs a fender-mounted antenna to receive its instruction to operate, providing an illuminated and audible warning prior to opening. This allows users to keep both feet on the ground at all times during operation – more convenient and safer when both hands are full, for example.

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