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The Korean Car Blog is starting new projects and one of them is making international events in different parts of the world. Our mission is to show the different type of customization each country has, depending on their location on the globe (and warranty restrain), the modifications done to their cars are unique. Sometimes these countries dont have easy access to aftermarket parts like here in the USA, mainly because aftermarket companies don’t know there is even a market in those countries, so we are also reaching out to aftermarket store to present their products while we do the event.

Gathering car enthusiast at one location has always been one of my passions and I always enjoy meeting new people from around the world. This year we had the opportunity to do our first International KDM event at country Peru in the city of Lima. Peru is found in South America, right next to the Pacific Ocean. This country currently is very well known for their Inca’s ruins Machu Picchu and the food event, Mistura.

We notice the Korean car scene is rapidly growing down there and so we decided to gather as many Hyundai and Kia owner as we can and put them on one spot. Some car clubs owner and members knew each other but there were others that haven’t meet or were just starting their club. So this was a great opportunity for them to grow their contact for any future events they want group up again in the future or just share each other car knowledge.

We had some difficulties as far finding a location but at the end we found one, we also did the event in a long holiday weekend so many car enthusiast were already on the road taking advantage of the long holiday (28 is Peru independence day). Even after all that, we had the participation from different clubs such as Hyundai Veloster, i30, Tiburon, Tucson and Elantra. Unfortunately the sister brand, Kia, had some difficulties coming to the event but couple were still able to drive up their cars.


This event wouldn’t be possible if not for the help from great companies like Kia Motors USA, Hyundai Motors USA, Automotores Gildemeister, Kia Racing, Kinetic Motorsports, KDM Motors and Club Internacional Revolver. These companies helped me bringing all the giveaways prizes for everyone that came to the event, give more details on certain products and have a place for the event.

Also a big thank for everyone who were able to make it to the event, i hope everyone had fun and enjoyed all the prizes. To the people that couldn’t come to the event, be sure to keep an eye at our Facebook page for any future events.


Below is a video that I made for this event, sorry it took me so long to finish it but besides from blurring all those license plates I had to edit the video because it was very shaky. But I’ll promise to improve on that since this my second video I’m filming and editing.

If you would like to thank and follow the companies that made the event happen, here are their social media accounts.

Kia Racing

Kinetic Motorsports
Hyundai Gildemeister
Hyundai Motor America
Kia Motor America
KDM Motors Inc

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