Exclusive: Next generation Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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This article has gone through many and many changes because the information we were getting is not 100% accurate but we now feel it’s time to be out there for what is worth… enjoy!

[ads id=”4″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]We all know the next generation Hyundai Genesis Coupe is due for a new generation and everyone is anxious to get new info…so let’s spill the beans now.

We had this information for some time now and we wanted to be sure the accuracy and double check if everything makes sense, in which initially it didn’t but it seems to be true now.

We all had dreams for the 5.0 TAU V8 engine coming to the new Genesis coupe but apparently Hyundai is not yet ready to compete with the American muscle cars. Instead they will adding the 3.3L GDi Lambda engine but for the first time, Hyundai is adding a turbo to this engine pushing 395 horsepower, that’s a total of 105 horsepower (we are comparing it based on the new Sedona, using the same engine) more than the N/A engine, so we were told. Now some of you might know this but if you didnt, this is the same engine the HND-9 Venace Concept car came with.

Now here comes the most difficult part to understand but it kinda makes sense now. Our source have told us Hyundai is planing to use the same chasis as to the previous generation and there will be some changes but nothing drastically. I know what you are thinking, what about the HND-9 Venace Concept?!? We are not 100% sure but apparently Hyundai won’t be using the Venace just yet. Now when I say it kinda makes sense is because we have lately seen new Hyundais going through new generation with very small changes on the design, so we feel this could be true for the Genesis Coupe too.

We have updated this article with new images of the Genesis Coupe mule. This was found at northern Sweden and we can clearly see the intercooler on the lower grill and since we all know the 2.0 turbo engine was discontinued (remembered when we release this information, it went viral really quick), more than likely they are testing the 3.3L Lambda engine.

We can also see there has been some modifications on the rear and front fenders and we feel they have moved the wheels out to the outside, maybe to give an extra room for those rear passengers or maybe for the new HTRAC all-wheel-drive system found at the Genesis sedan.

Stay tuned! We’ll update this article when new information arrives to us.

Photo Source: [CarPIX]

Written by Erick Uceda

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  1. Mobis21

    Thank you for the update. I’m looking forward to seeing what the new Gen Coupe will actually look like.

    • Jose Antonio López

      Your welcome, we always try to publish the latest info and always from real sources, but at this time, we had the info for a few months but not decided to publish until we received yesterday this new spy shots. Thank you for following us

    • Erick

      I hope they do it right, because we all are waiting for something big from Hyundai.

  2. Pauly

    Any news on this car making the switch to RHD production too? There was talk last year that Hyundai Australia were going to be importing the car…. but that has all since gone silent. If they are using the same platform as the existing car now perhaps RHD is no longer happening?

    I know a lot of people in the UK, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand that would love to have this car but can’t.

    • Erick

      Now that you mentioned RHD, our other source haven’t heard anything about the Genesis coupe. So as of now, I believe there is nothing plan for you guys yet.

  3. Louis

    Considering the Sonata is basically getting an emergency refresh does Hyundai think continuing to use Fluidic 2.0 is worthwhile? I mean it worked on the Genesis and I thought it did too on the Sonata but the general public thinks otherwise. Also, the decision to pass on the V8 is a mistake imo.

    • Erick

      Fluidic Design 2.0 is great, it just didn’t worked on the sonata. As far passing tho the v8, it’s probably based on prices. I feel the GC is not yet on that high price bracket. Remember, Hyundai still an affordable brand.

  4. bd

    It would be surprising if Hyundai doesn’t use a new chassis or at least a heavily revised chassis for the new RWD coupe – as it supposedly shares it with the upcoming compact RWD sedan.

    The compact sedan needs to have available AWD and not sure if the 1st gen platform can take the H-TRAC system.

    No V8 makes sense (best reserved for coupes/sedans in the mid/full-size segment).

    Also disappointing if the coupe replacement doesn’t look like the Venace concept – unless Hyundai is saving the Venace design for a higher end luxury coupe.

    • Darius Davis

      Bdean the strongest aspect of the Gensis Coupe was its super stiff BK platform. More rigid than the M3 that came out before it in 09.

      In contrast the BH platform was far from the best aspect of the last gen Genesis sedan.

      Based off this information I think it would be wise to focus on the suspension bits, steering(hopefully a beefed up sport tuned version from the new Genesis sedan) more powerful and fuel efficient engines and a retuned transmission that doesn’t severely cut power like the in current Genesis Coupe. Add a more expensive interior design and materials layout with more expensive sheet metal and it can certainly be a winner.

      • bd

        Yes, but while Hyundai stiffened the components of the BK platform, isn’t it in essence a shortened version of the the BH?

        Also, don’t think the BH platform was bad as it was the suspension tuning and the awful OEM Dunlops shod on the 1st few years of the Genesis sedan.

        But if the BK is an entirely separate platform – that is interesting to know.

  5. Snoopy

    Forgot to mention how Hyundai has converted the GC from the old MacPherson front suspension to a new multi-link system and how the battery is conspicuously missing from the engine bay. Showing a focus on handling this time around.

  6. Captain Midnight

    That would a huge mistake. The current Genesis coupe platform is nearly 8 years old at this point. Time for a fresh sheet design on everything. The replacement is long overdue. The should move as quickly as they can as even the HND design is 3 years old and starting to look dated.



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