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With the next generation 2016 Kia Sportage starting its test from European R&D Centre to Artic Circle, today we want to share with you a render of how the new Sportage could look.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]Latest reports, spy photos and this render confirms what some enthusiast told us, the next-gen 2016 Kia Sportage (codenamed as QL) will followed the design cues of the chinese only KX3 model.

At the front on this prototypes we can see a bigger Tiger-nose tri-dimensional front grille between new wrap-around headlamps and more prominent fog lights while in the side preserves current Sportage line-up. At the rear end, newly designed LED taillights will be mixed with separated reverse and indicators lights like in the current model.

Since launched in 2010, the third generation 2016 Kia Sportage (also called Sportage R in South Korea) was a total hit for Kia. With an amazing design, the Sportage surprised everyone and increased Kia brand image around the world. For Kia, improve Sportages design will be a very difficult task, without becoming a bit bored.

About engine line-up, is expected to include the same range of engines of the all-new Hyundai Tucson launched yesterday, with the inclusion of a 1.6 T-GDi with 180 hp and a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. In the diesel side, improved 1.7 CRDi 116 hp, will be the most desired into European market. A 2.0 with 136 and 190 hp will complete the diesel range. The petrol range will be completed by NA 1.6 Gamma GDi like in the current Sportage. For the moment, any news about small turbo engines like the 1.2 T-GDi delivering 132 hp.

Source: [KKSStudio]

New render thanks to our follower Jimbo

Written by Jose Antonio López

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  1. eugene pangan

    please do not post this hideous rendering… they are a disgrace…

    • Jose Antonio López

      Well, the render is not well finished, but the idea of the design is there, that’s why I published

  2. Jimbo


    It looks like the exact opposite of the new Tucson design. Sportage had the muscular look while Tucson looked feminine. Now it’s going to be the other way around. New Tucson looks sporty and mean. This looks like a boiled egg!

    The grill will look like KX3 and Cross GT concept. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not. Cross GT looks great because it doesn’t have those frog-eyed headlights. But They can’t bring that concept into production.

    I also found this: http://i.imgur.com/vSBb4yU.jpg Grill looks a lot better than this rendering. Still not as good looking as Tucson. Shame, because Sportage will get a full leather dashboard, according to spy shots, and Tucson won’t.

    • Jose Antonio López

      Yeah, I’m with you about the front grille. About the picture you attached, if the car looks like that, it will be awesome. It’s very nice, I will add to the post with your permission.

    • Jimbo

      Cheers for updating the post, guys. Although, C-pillar and positioning of the KIA logo is clearly wrong in render I posted.

  3. arjay225

    Ehh… this wont be the new Sportage, The front will closely resemble the Niro concept…

  4. Jtzist .

    Kia wouldn’t screw up an award winining design. I’ll wait to see the actual product.

  5. Kialover

    Yesterday i had a very good day with the Optima wagon concept, but as for today the first picture of this article makes me sick. It definitely doesnt fit to KIAs current design line. Although im not into the Sportage the new render picture is much much much better and the hope goes on.

    Greeting to all KIA supporters in the world.

  6. Kickside01

    based on the tuscon and current success of the sportage there is no way the Sportage will look like this. Kia has made mistakes before but they will never make one this bad.

  7. bd

    That is simply hideous (so glad that the Chinese have the KX-3 to themselves).

    The 2nd rendering is better, but am hoping that the new Sportage looks closer to the Niro concept.

  8. J.R.

    It is unbelievable how ignorant & uninformed the people at TheKoreanCarBlog are. The Sportage will get it’s design cues from the Niro concept… especially the front. And look at TheKoreanCarBlog show all these poor & pointless renderings from complete amateurs & waste time talking about it in a whole article.
    Dear TheKoreanCarBlog,
    Don’t you guys know how to decipher which is good info & which is bad info??? Sad…

    • Jose Antonio López

      We always try to share with you some renders of how the future models will look, because I think is a good way to know your opinions. The thing is, I don’t know why you as always like to comment and call us as ignorants. We are just sharing.

      Who confirmed you that the Sportage will get the design cues from the Niro? Because until we knew, a Kia mini-suv hybrid will appear during this year and its confirmed by AutoExpress and Autocar (who were in Namyang R&D center) and saw the car, its like a production Niro. Small & Big Niro at Kia range?

  9. fvgfg

    vaya cagada… pensaba que seguiría la linea del Sportspace

  10. Sadr Lufti Mufreni

    ugly, please don’t rewind the history

  11. MrOzMan

    It will obviously get the Tiger Nose grille, but these renderings are poorly executed. Kia’s new products are styled aggressively and with masculinity, including the Sedona/Carnival minivan. The 2nd one does look better, but I think it looks a little too Subaru (other than the grille).

  12. Kia of Auburn

    The new Kia Sportage looks amazing, cant wait to see it in person!



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