Hyundai Creta Sub-Compact SUV First Rendering Revealed

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Hyundai Motor Company today unveiled its first rendering of the upcoming Creta, sub-compact SUV.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]The design of Hyundai Creta follows a premium look, based on Hyundai Motor’s evolved design philosophy. Harmony between a bold front, voluminous side, sporty rear and other details complete the premium sub-compact SUV design.

Creta with its bold and glamorous looks feature singular hexagonal radiator grille, sleek profile and a stable stance. The hidden A-pillar was applied to grant a unique and dynamic image, hinting at an open and airy cabin.

The name Hyundai Creta derives primarily from the name for Crete, the largest of the Greek islands.

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Crete was the focal point for Greece’s global prowess in trade and culture, in its heyday connecting Europe, Asia and Africa.

Creta will be an influential global model for the Hyundai Motor brand in one of the fastest-growing vehicle segments, helping the company to reach out to many more consumers in new and establish


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  1. foxter

    OK, one question. Till now i have heard many and many times, that ix25 is not for Europe, and US & Europe will get other crossover, based on Intrado. Ix25 is for China and India only. Now suddenly is for China, India (with new name), but probably for the rest of the world – Australia, US and Europe as well. One word to describe it – shortcut – why bother and develop new car for 2 more years and lots of millions, if you can make some minor changes. like grill, lights etc. and say that you have completely new car for Europe and US. Of course save features must be fixed, but it can be done and… Brand new Hyundai Creta for Europe! Taaaaraaaaaa.

  2. Denis Rousseau

    They loose lots of money not doing i right now.
    2 or 3 years to arrival, its too long! Hyundai is missing the “SUV subcompact boat”!
    If they can put it in market in forth quart this year will be ok!
    And the small diesel pickup truck Santa Cruz in north america asap please!!

  3. foxter

    Denis – i agree 100% and this is exactly what i would do! Launch Creta in Europe this september in Frankfurt. My post was to show the diffrences between what they should do and have finally decided to do, and their official language till now (not based on ix25, will be based on Intrado, in 2-3 years). For me it was very strange, but it was official line of HMC. Now “turnaround 180” which i think is good, but reliability of Hyundai can suffer…

  4. Denis Rousseau

    in my mind it’s just a name changing to Creta over the chinease ix 25 they rebadge with an upgrade interior and engine/gearbox and ship to europe and northAm from china! big deal whynot ?

  5. foxter

    Look Dennis. I agree with You, that crossover should have been presented in Europe and US long time ago. Now this mistake shall be fixed with Creta (BTW what a hideous name). And with Intrado the problem is not the price, materials etc. The problem is official line of HMC till now. Let me remind You: “For developed countries, like Europe and US, ix25 just wont do, new crossover will based on completly new platform, look on Intrado. ix25 is for China and India only, it will simply not achieve savety level required in Europe and US” or “it looks not good enough, for Europe and US we have to do something better, sharper more sportier”. But now that they have figured it uot that waiting is not an option, ix25 suddelny fits european expectations? Because this car will be ix25 with lifted grill and some other minor changes, mostly among savetyelements. So my opinion is – mistake is fixed, but reliabilty is going down, the customers counts? no way, only profit does!:)

  6. Denis Rousseau

    A 1.6 GDi or 2.0 GDi petrol engine and 2 or 3 eprouved CRDi diesel engines for european and 6/7 speeds AWD tranny is sufficiently improved to be marketed with no beginners flaws from Hyundai.
    What is worst is to try to make more with less or same fabrications facilities , that’s where HKAG is failing, products out too soon and have big flaws! Build too fast, bad procedures verifications and bad work from subcontractors. Quality control is a key!
    A good exemple of this is the China made 1.8 MPI Nu engines (Elantra base engine) for North America market ,lots of fail on first year! Hyundai did upgrade to lifetime the engine guarantie about this engine, it’s a band-aid on a bigger problem. They should cancel this badly born engine fabrication.

    Did the carbon fiber platform of the Intrado concept will improve something? Yep just the price up to double. just my 2 cents but when im looking at my new 2015 Hybrid Sonata and all the technology in, i’m very impressed by their cars now compare with others!
    So the borowed Kia Soul platform look all right to me for this kind of SUV considering other car builders like Honda with the subcompact HR-V using the Honda Fit platform,
    and Mazda CX3 using a new Mazda 2 platform, the Kia Soul 2014 and up is already have a good reputation and can be used on this “Creta” thing and comply both european and norh american market.

  7. foxter

    “A 1.6 GDi or 2.0 GDi petrol engine”-
    – knowing HMC strategy, 1,6GDI is max what we can expect in Europe, 2,0 – 101% will not be in this car. I suspect that they will use maybe 1,0T petrol. ABout 1,6T we can forget as well. In the US 1,6 and 2,0 GDI petrol are likely.

    “What is worst (…) engine fabrication” – 100% agree.
    The third and the fourth paragraph – also 100% agree. But keep that in mind, i am not looking for Intrado, i just don’t like the way that they are trying to hide this shortcut , why not said that after spending long time doing some resarch, calcullations etc, they have decided not to develop brand new crossover, but following this change, the rpice will be a little bit lower. Why they didn’t do it – because the price will not be lower!:)

    Basically we agree in important matters, maybe some minor details are what we see a little bit differently. By the way, Sonata Hybrid, You are from the US? You wouldn’t belive were i am from:)

  8. Denis Rousseau

    @ Foxter i’m Canadian just up in the cold north in Quebec province!
    Got a base Hybrid 2 weeks ago this car is so low noise, lots of goodies inside keyless entry and start button inside LED lites 2 zones clim control ,rear cam, well done instrumentations to see how hybrid work . nice 6.6 L/100 kmwich is very nice for this big car in city driving im happy!


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