Hyundai Finally Reveal Vision G, Will Anticipate Next Genesis Coupe

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Finally its here, we announced that Hyundai will debut a new large coupe concept and could have the mission to anticipate the next generation Genesis Coupe. A few hours ago, Hyundai Motor America revealed the “Vision G” Concept Coupe to a select group of media at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]The concept was described as Hyundai’s inspiration for its family of future premium products that promise luxury, performance and style with the value and responsibility that is the foundation of Hyundai’s brand.

“The concept was designed with coordinated input from Hyundai design studios around the world, but was led by our team here in the U.S.,” said Peter Schreyer, Hyundai’s president and chief design officer.

“The design is our interpretation of the idea that Hyundai breathes into all of its vehicles – a DNA that balances design and performance with the idea that you don’t need to be over the top in terms of glitz and stereotypical luxury cues.” he added.

During the design process, Hyundai’s team of designers centered their work on the notion of “chivalry” – a word they felt best defined the idea that one doesn’t need to shout to be noticed and respected. “Vision G” is purposefully understated, despite its size and dramatic lines. One example of this respectful luxury – and a nod to the self-sufficiency of the driver – is a technology that automatically opens the door as if being opened by a valet.

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The exterior styling of the concept is highlighted by a long hood, high-beltline and a cabin that presents a slingshot-like appearance. “In keeping with a design that speaks to the owner rather than ‘the spectators’ who might see the car on the road, Vision G appears dynamic and in constant motion,” said Christopher Chapman, head of Hyundai’s U.S. design center and leader of the coupe’s design team. “After all – and if all is right in the world – the only time an owner sees the exterior of the car is when it’s standing still.”

The underlying idea of respectful luxury flows into the interior, underscored by its clarity and simplicity. No glaring examples of luxury, but rather elegant lines and finishes.

The heart of “Vision G” is the award-winning 5.0-liter Tau V8 engine producing 420 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 383 lb. ft. of torque at 5,000 rpm. The Tau V8 engine family has been named to Ward’s prestigious Ten Best Engines list three times. With high-pressure direct injection for impressive power, low emissions and superb efficiency, this latest version of the Tau V8 benefits from an optimized intake runner length, enhanced timing chain for reduced friction and NVH, low-torque exhaust manifold, increased compression ratio and upgraded multiple-injection mapping. These enhancements combine to produce a flatter torque curve at lower rpm for even better driveability.

“Vision G” will next be shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Sunday, August 16 in Monterey, Calif.

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  1. Jimbo

    I’m just going to say what’s on everybody’s minds: this is not going to sell in Europe. Domestic market, of course. US, maybe. But not in Europe.

    Hyundai and KIA are expanding their range at a ridiculous rate and that is not a good thing. They don’t need to cover every stupid sub-market that Germans invent. They need to concentrate on their core products and best sellers, small sedans, hatchbacks and mid-size SUVs. They don’t need luxary coupes or pickup trucks.

    • Jose Antonio López

      Yeah of course, this is more than just a Genesis Coupe, they’re showing two models in one, the next-gen Equus and probably this coupe that I’m not sure if it will be under Genesis or Equus family. This will be for US and South Korea, plus middle east.

      About the other things, I’m agree that is necessary to improve brand image with halo models, but I think they need to focus the efforts to have a competitive B-segment SUV (for both Kia and Hyundai) in Europe and USA before this.

    • Galaxium

      This is showcasing the next generation Equus. I’m surprised that TKCB said it would be for the next Genesis Coupe when it’s given us spyshots literally showing the 2017 Equus looking very similar to this concept.

      Hyundai is slowly improving itself in Europe. In the US, everyone mocked the idea of a luxury Hyundai, like the Genesis. But in less than 5 years, the Genesis slowly got really good sales numbers. The current Genesis is no exception. Hyundai marketing clearly knows what its doing because it’s worked fantastically in the US.

      • Jimbo

        Best case scenario, they’d be competing with Infiniti here in Europe. And that’s nothing significant at all. Infiniti has been around for much longer and they still have no place amongst top luxury brands in Europe.

        It’s an entirely different story in the US. In fact, it should be quite easy to beat them over there. Their reliability numbers have been awful and the age old perception of unreliable KIA/Hyundai is pretty much history. Almost everyone nowadays knows about the Koreans’ impressive 7yr/5yr warranties. Genesis is a good looking car and already stands above Q70. They’ll be direct competitors in a few years and I’m sure Hyundai can beat Infinity easily in the US and possibly even here in Europe.

        Having said that, I still stand by my original comment: they cannot compete with the Germans. They might have the looks and reliability. But brand perception takes many many years to change. They’ve only now starting to take away sales from Focus and Golf. It’s too soon to aim for the luxury market.

        • Galaxium

          The Genesis has comparable sales numbers to BMW 5-series, only behind Mercedes E-class. It already has twice the sales of any Audi A5/A6/A7 and the Lexus GS. Infiniti has incredibly low sales numbers.

          Hyundai has a better warranty in the US with a 10 year powertrain warranty. At times I do wish Hyundai would make a separate luxury division. It could be as successful as Lexus in the long-run.


    I disagree. Hyundai and Kia are competing with the luxury market and I think it is great. Although, I am not sure if people would buy a 70K Kia when you can buy a BMW for that much.

    • Guest

      German cars are unreliable…..


        how so?

        • wdverocks

          Own one and you would understand.

      • Jose Antonio López

        Yeah but they have the brand image, in Europe this is worst, but in the US people still prefer a german luxurious car than a korean car. Fortunately this is changing, and for example, now the Genesis Sedan could battle with their German counterparts face to face and with less price.

      • wdverocks

        Also their resale value is crazy. They drop like a rock.

  3. Nick

    I’m pretty sure this highlights more of the design language of the next Equus, than it does the Genesis Coupe. Nice try Hyundai lol.

  4. Stan

    This definitely a luxury GT Coupe but I’d love to see some small suicide rear passage doors with hidden door handles on this thing if it made it to production. VW does an indentation on their door handle were you press your finger to unlock the car with just the key fob on you. So imagine if this car had auto opening doors with just a swipe of your finger that would be cool as Hell!

  5. bd

    The Vision G concept is not a precursor for the Genesis coupe replacement which has already gone under testing in mule form.

    While the Genesis coupe replacement is going upscale to compete against the likes of the RC and Q60, the Vision G is a larger, higher-end luxury GT like the BMW 6 Series coupe.

    It remains to be seen if Hyundai will go ahead and green-light something like the Vision G, but they need to work on a couple of Genesis-based, luxury crossovers first.



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