Hyundai FCEV SUV to Start Production in March 2018

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The second generation of Hyundai’s new FCEV model is expected to be officially launched in early 2018. But now this is confirmed, with start of production set to March 2018, according to Hyundai’s Senior Vice President Lee Ki-sang said to Bloomberg.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:6px;”]They’ve already shown an early glimpse of a concept car in Seoul which was close to production and closer to production model at Hyundai Motor Studio in Gangnam.

The new Hyundai hydrogen-powered FCEV SUV will be the successor of the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell.

The new model will offer more range and style than the older model with more capabilities and a very futuristic design.

The system in the production model is actually Hyundai’s fourth-generation fuel cell powertrain. Its efficiency is up over the Tucson, which helps contribute to its confirmed full-tank range of 497 miles (800 km).

It’s 20 percent more powerful, at about 160 horsepower. It can start in temperatures as low as negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit, too. The compressed hydrogen gas is stored in three equally sized tanks to help balance the vehicle.

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