Hyundai to Release Veloster N 8 DCT in April

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veloster n

Hyundai will release its Veloster N 8-speed DCT model in April. The Veloster N 8-speed DCT is scheduled to be released as a model year change in South Korea in place of recently discontinued Veloster N. The eight-speed DCT is expected to expand sales of Veloster N.

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The Veloster N is a high-performance model of Veloster (JS), launched in June 2018. Pursue Fun to Drive In particular, it features corner rascals, curves for everyday sports cars, and race track capability.

The N-performance Veloster delivers a maximum output of 250 hp and a maximum torque of 36.0 kgm via a 2.0-liter petrol turbo engine. The performance package is enhanced to 275 hp and includes Pirelli P ZERO tires, 19-inch wheels, N-corner carving differential (eLSD), active variable exhaust system and large-capacity brakes.

The dual clutch transmission that is applied to the Veloster N 8-speed DCT is a wet 8-speed DCT, which is different from the dry 7-speed DCT of Hyundai Motor, capable of responding to high-power engines, and is characterized by 30% quick response and improved efficiency. CSC (Concentric Slave Cylinder) of the cylinder type is applied in a clutch manner.

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Unlike Hyundai’s dry DCT transmission, the wet clutch method and hydraulic actuator are applied, so the allowable torque is higher than the dry clutch. The allowable torque is 48.0kgm for gasoline and 53.0kgm for diesel. The difference is 410.6mm and 412.0mm in the transmission length, respectively. Applies to all-wheel drive (FF) models.

It also reduces power loss by minimizing friction and oil losses in hydraulic systems. The power transmission efficiency is 93.8%. The wet clutch system is relatively complicated in structure and high in manufacturing cost, but has a high allowable torque to cope with high power engines such as SmartStream G2.5 T-GDi or SmartStream D2.2 diesel.

Written by Jose Antonio López

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  1. Sean Smith

    will it be available in the US? 2021 model year perhaps?

  2. Will Yang


  3. Zapps

    recently discontinued Veloster N

    I wasn’t aware of this. Is there an article on this?

  4. vbondjr1

    Can we get a RWD based AWD Tiburon GT-N with a 3.5L TT and a DCT? Most of us just want a roughly 400hp 2+2 comfortable, affordable, reliable RWD based coupe that has decent trunk and interior space. Something about the size of the BMW M4, fastback design, wide stance, decent sounding exhaust, etc. No fake hood scoops or anything like that, just a genuine 2+2 performance vehicle.


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