Kia Confirms First Details of Stinger Facelift, to Have a Variable Exhaust System

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Kia have recently showed all their cards related to Kia Stinger partial change that is coming in July. According to Kia Motors officials, despite the introduction of the Smartstream 2.5-liter and 3.5-liter gasoline Turbo engines, will also include a variable exhaust system and a 10,25 inch widescreen for the infotainment system.

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The Kia Motors’ first variable exhaust system is applied to the Stinger partial change. It is a device that can adjust the exhaust sound generated from outside the actual vehicle beyond the current Stinger sound generator. It is the first time that a variable exhaust system is applied to a factory-spec domestic car except for the N brand.

Indoors, the infotainment monitor grows from 8 inches to 10.25 inches. The interior layout retains the shape of the current model, and the upper trim includes quality napa leather seats, as well as advanced materials and colors. The dashboard and door trim are covered with leather covering and stitching.

The instrument panel is replaced with a digital type from the existing analog. Changes in exterior design focus on enhancing detail. The graphic inside the headlamp and the front and rear bumper design are changed, and a new design wheel is introduced. The rear lamp is a horizontal bar connected to the left and right, and a sequential direction indicator is applied.

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The powertrain is based on the SmartStream G2.5 T-GDI engine with a maximum output of 304 hp and a maximum torque of 43.0 kgm, and the top model is equipped with a SmartStream G3.5 GDi engine with a maximum output that could rose 400 hp and a maximum torque of 54.0 kgm (according to latest report from Reuters). Indirect injection (PFI) and direct injection (GDI) are used together to increase efficiency.

Smartstream has significantly improved performance in terms of fuel efficiency improvement, combustion improvement, exhaust gas reduction, and engine friction reduction compared to the previous powertrain. Through this, it is possible to respond to global fuel economy and environmental regulations that are intensifying as well as vehicles. Performance was greatly improved.

Recreation of how the 10,25″ widescreen could look

Written by Jose Antonio López

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  1. vbondjr1

    if the statement below is correct, then there is no point about getting excited about the new kia. The stinger will continue to be another lackluster vehicle until it’s death,

  2. Archknight77

    Why do I bother trying to save you dude? Rueters is never a valid source on the auto industry, financial projections are their thing. The Stinger isn’t getting the new 2.5T or 3.5T, which based on it’s sales, it would never be worth the investment. KIA will probably give up the dream of RWD premium models after this refresh and pull the K900 as well. The 2.5T will be making it’s way to the new K5, possibly with AWD, it’s more likely to sale in far larger numbers that the brand needs.

    • bd0007

      This is just off the Carsales report which may very likely only apply to the AUS market and/or RHD markets.

      Carsales speculated that the 2.5T may be made available in other markets (LHD).

      So, nothing has been set in stone yet for the LHD markets and considering
      the ever stricter emissions regs in Europe, Kia is going to have to put
      in the new engines (both the 2.5T and 3.5TT sooner or later).

      The other alternative is that neither the Stinger nor the G70 will be
      getting the new engines until they switch to the new platform.

      Doesn’t make sense that it wouldn’t be worth putting in the new engines (of which the development costs have sunk in a while ago), except maybe for RHD markets (for now), while at the same time developing a bi-modal exhaust system.

      The K9/K900 sells well enough in the Korean market for Kia to keep it going.


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