Genesis GV70 and GV70 Sport Reveals Stylish New Compact Luxury SUV

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Genesis has released the first official photos of the exterior and interior design of their upcoming smaller luxury SUV, the Genesis GV70.

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The design follows the language of other recent Genesis models with split headlight and taillight designs, a large crest grille, and a simple but elegant interior. Along with the standard GV70, and GV70 Sport variant is also shown in these photos.

Up front, the GV70 is reminiscent of Genesis’s smaller sedan, the G70, with a more curved grille as opposed to the very angular style of the G80 and GV80. This more organic design is continued throughout the car, with a sloping rear hatch that integrates in a seamless curve between the roof and the rear fascia of the SUV. On the side, sweeping creases glide downwards towards the back, and the rear side window is uniquely integrated into the other side windows’ trim line. The GV70 also ditches the side vents of the larger Genesis models for a cleaner side look that flows a little better.

Muscular rear haunches also emphasize that the GV70 focuses a little bit more on sport than other Genesis models like the more luxurious GV80. This is also noticeable in the optional 21” wheels in two different styles. One is a luxury-oriented bright silver 21” wheel with split 5 spokes, while the other is a sportier 21” dark gray design with intricate detailing throughout the solid 5 spoke look. The GV70 lacks the plastic cladding that is common on smaller SUVs and ends up looking clean, precise, and purposeful. It’s also a very aerodynamic shape that enhances its sporty nature.

Genesis Gv70

On the inside, the GV70 emphasizes simplicity and high quality materials. Genesis shows us two different interiors. One is the more luxurious dark purple interior that extends to the nappa leather seats, the lower dashboard, the inside of the two-spoke steering wheel (which appears to be straight out of the GV80), and the center console. There are also detailed aluminum trim pieces throughout the interior, including on the door panels, the speaker grilles, and the center console. These give the GV70 a very upscale feel on the inside.

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Genesis Gv70

Genesis has also shown the GV70 Sport interior, which features a red dashboard and center console and red stitching throughout the interior. This combines with black suede/leatherette combination seats, a more traditional three-spoke steering wheel for those who aren’t fans of the unique two-spoke design from the GV80, and, in place of the aluminum, carbon patterned trim pieces on the door panels and the center console.

Genesis Gv70

Both interior shots that Genesis has shown highlight the sparse layout of controls on the dashboard. A single oval shape that’s outlined in multi-colored ambient lighting contains most of the driver, climate, and basic infotainment controls, while all remaining infotainment controls are located on the center console ahead of the rotary gear selector, similar to the G80 and GV80. That center console also features ambient lighting and feels simple, well thought out, and gorgeous. All switchgear, including door handles and the glovebox latch, look well-made and luxurious, and the front air vents are all captured in one slim line that is broken only by the gauge cluster.

Infotainment comes courtesy of a 14.5-inch widescreen that is also a touchscreen, which is easily controlled by the a large dial in the center console which is raised to be more usable than the G80 and GV80. This is combined with 12.3” 3D digital gauge cluster to provide the driver with all the information they need and more.

Genesis Gv70

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Genesis hasn’t revealed any information about the technical aspects of the car, including powertrains, features and amenities, or dimensions, but at first glance the GV70 looks to be another standout product from Genesis and one that can push Genesis further into the mainstream conscious of car buyers. Where the GV80 emphasizes luxury and an imposing presence, the GV70 is a sportier and more subtle statement that will hopefully find its way into the homes of luxury buyers soon.

Written by Kevin Rooney

Kevin is a massive Korean car fan who lives in Los Angeles, California. He currently drives a 2019 Kia Stinger GT2 and also owns or has owned a 2017 Kia Soul, 2012 Hyundai Veloster, 2004 Kia Sorento, and 2001 Hyundai Accent.

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