Hyundai Santa Cruz Off-Road Concept

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The Hyundai Santa Cruz was revealed back in April and even though Hyundai gave 2 models to choose from we felt something was missing.

As you might remember Hyundai did not classified this vehicle as truck, they called it Sport Adventure Vehicle, SAV? And probably its best not to call it a truck because this was focus more for those city folks who wants to go camping during the weekends and possibly haul small things and throw compact things on the bed.

This render is a collaboration with our good friend Ozzie, you might remember him for different design he has made for us. In this opportunity he is giving what we felt Hyundai forgot to include at the unveiled.

Let’s focus our attention to the model with 2.5L Turbo engine with 275 Horsepower, this should be more than enough for this small size this pickup but the only this lacks was the design so here at the TheKCB we took matters in our hands and came out this version.

Our base models and inspiration came from though models such as the Ford Raptor, Chevy ZR2 and the Isuzu XTR. Vehicles that has been on the similar market and know a thing or two about sport truck.

Keeping this within Hyundai, we went for the Hyundai Vesloter Vitamin C making this pick up pop the right way. Some of the changes we have done to this Santa Cruz are the extended fenders to widen the body, lift it couple inches to fit the new meaty tires and added a hood scoop for that extra air in the engine bay.

What are your thoughts on this SAV? Love or Hate, should Hyundai make one? Also stay tuned for new merchandise for the blog!

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