Next-gen Hyundai i20 N to be Electric?

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hyundai n i20 n electric

Hyundai N revolutionized the B-segment hot hatch when launching the Hyundai i20 N back in October 2020. Now with rumors of Hyundai N turning into an all-electric high performance brand and with the recent showcase of VW’s ID.2 GTI hot hatch or Renault 5 comeback, we thought, what if we create a rendering of how the next-get i20 N all-electric could look? So we reached our friend and high school student / designer Sustvin, so he created this amazing rendering. What do you think?

At the time of the European KONA press event, Mr. Park remarked that if the second generation KONA N will happen, it may return as an all-electric vehicle. “For Kona, we have a focus on ICE, EV, and hybrid, and are considering N as well. We are seeing the feedback and market reaction from the market about Ioniq 5 N.” Park said. So this could be the same fate for the next-gen i20 N.

While this can make you think if this is the end of Hyundai N models with combustion engines, it makes sense to clarify that Hyundai designed the new Kona from the beginning as an all-electric car and then adapted it to use with internal combustion either, so it will be easy to create an all-electric N than make room for a big combustion engine. So everything

With the first electric N product already debuted, the recently launched and long awaited IONIQ 5 N, the South Korean automaker has put a lot of effort to ensure it will drive and feel like a combustion-engined performance vehicle. “Technically, it’s easier for us to make an N high-performance version of the dedicated EV because of the platform,” Park said. “We can bring out the high-performance output; but based on the non-dedicated platform with an ICE or EV, we have to look at different options,” Park added.

To be more clear, Mr. Park said: “The ICE N is not our consideration. Based on the feedback of IONIQ 5 N, we’ll make a future decision.” So the decision is not that far has the feedback received from the IONIQ 5 N was overwhelming, what do you expect?

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