KIA EV5, EV4 & EV3 to Have Front Wheel Drive E-GMP

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kia ev5

According to Kia’s Global Business Planning Division director, recently showcased EV5, EV4 and EV3 will use a front wheel drive architecture of the E-GMP

Kia first introduced the initially Chinese-only model, the EV5, at Kia EV Day back in October. The EV5, is a mid-sized SUV electric vehicle that will be available with Front Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive, based on Hyundai Motor and Kia’s dedicated platform ‘E-GMP’ for electric vehicles.

In particular, the two-wheel drive model was developed for the first time as a front wheel drive for the base model, unlike the first E-GMP models, which were based on a rear wheel architecture. In addition to the EV5, Kia plans to release the EV3 and EV4 as a FWD models too.

kia ev4

Sang-yoon, managing director of the Global Business Planning Division, explained, “The purpose of developing EV5, EV4, and EV3 based on front-wheel drive is to implement electric vehicles at a reasonable cost. Price must be lowered for the popularization of electric vehicles. E-GMP is a platform that can encompass both front and rear wheels, so we will continue to expand the lineup of electric vehicles in the future.”

The front-wheel drive based vehicle has the advantage of a large living space, as the core components of the vehicle drive are gathered in the engine room at the front of the vehicle. Compared to other driving methods, the cost is cheaper because there are fewer parts, and the weight of the vehicle is also lighter, which increases fuel economy.

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