2nd Gen Santa Fe PHEV System Prototype Spied for the First Time

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We already have talked about Hyundai preparing a Santa Fe PHEV with up to 62-mile (100km) of range. This is the first time we can see a prototype testing, thanks to our colleagues at Eden, the new system on the recently released Santa Fe. Hyundai also plans to extend this new second generation PHEV system to other models such as the updated Grandeur and the next-generation Palisade.

Hyundai’s Innovative Second-Generation PHEV System

The South Korean automotive giant is set to revolutionize the plug-in hybrid market by introducing its second-generation PHEV system. Expected to debut in the Santa Fe model in 2025, this advanced system promises an impressive all-electric range of up to 62 miles (100km) per charge. Hyundai’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in this strategic decision, as it seeks to cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles without compromising on performance.

Development and Partnerships

Hyundai Motor Group has shared its development plans with multiple parts partners, as reported by ETNews. The development phase is scheduled to begin in the second half of this year, with a focus on launching the advanced PHEV system in the Santa Fe model. This collaborative effort highlights Hyundai’s approach to innovation, involving key industry partners in the development of components for the new PHEV system.

hyundai santa fe phev 62 mile range

The Santa Fe will be the first to premiere this system, alongside with the updated Grandeur and next-gen Palisade

Expanding the PHEV Lineup

In addition to the Santa Fe, Hyundai plans to extend its PHEV offerings to the next-generation Sorento model in 2026. The development of the Santa Fe PHEV, equipped with the second-generation system, is already underway. This system boasts significantly improved power performance and fuel efficiency compared to Hyundai’s current PHEV offerings. The new system will feature a high-density battery pack and two in-house developed electric motors, showcasing Hyundai’s dedication to advancing its electric vehicle (EV) technology.

A Step Towards Eco-Friendly Innovation

Hyundai’s decision to develop a Santa Fe PHEV model is a strategic move towards providing a realistic eco-friendly alternative to a fully electric SUV. The anticipated 100 km all-electric range underscores Hyundai’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable driving experiences. This initiative is in line with global trends towards greener transportation solutions and reflects Hyundai’s role as a leader in the automotive industry’s transition to electric mobility.


The upcoming Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV model is poised to set a new standard for plug-in hybrid vehicles, combining eco-friendliness with high performance and range. As Hyundai embarks on this ambitious project, the automotive world watches with anticipation, expecting nothing less than a game-changer in the PHEV market. The Santa Fe PHEV model represents not only a significant milestone for Hyundai but also a leap forward in the journey towards a more sustainable and efficient automotive future.

Hyundai’s proactive approach to eco-friendly driving solutions, through the development of advanced PHEV systems, showcases the company’s dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility. The Santa Fe PHEV model is eagerly awaited by eco-conscious drivers and technology enthusiasts alike, promising to deliver an unmatched driving experience that aligns with the values of sustainability and efficiency.

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