Hyundai Motor Set to Launch N Vision 74 in 2026

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hyundai n vision 74 confirmed for production

Hyundai Motor Group is set to make history by producing the N Vision 74, world’s first hydrogen-powered supercar, in 2026. According to Korean newspaper Hankyung, Hyundai has green-lighted its N Vision 74, which will boast an output of over 775 horsepower in a limited batch of 200 units.

Development and Production Timeline

According to Hankyung, Hyundai Motor Group has decided to develop the concept car N Vision 74 into a hydrogen supercar, codenamed as N74. The company has already provided its first-tier suppliers with specifications for various components to be used in the vehicle. Production of a performance verification ‘T car’ (trial car) is expected to commence in August, with full-scale production slated for June 2026.

Performance and Specifications

The N74 will feature a rear-wheel-drive system combining a hydrogen fuel cell with a high-performance motor, delivering an output of at least 775 horsepower. The car is expected to achieve 0 to 100 km/h acceleration in the 3-second range, comparable to traditional internal combustion engine supercars.

The design will modernize the lines of Hyundai’s 1974 ‘Pony Coupe’, featuring a coupe form with two ‘gull-wing doors’ (doors that open upwards). This design choice ensures the supercar maintains its cutting-edge aesthetic while paying homage to Hyundai’s heritage.

Limited Production and Pricing

Hyundai Motor Group plans to produce only 200 units of the N74 over two years. The automotive industry estimates the vehicle’s price to be around 500 million KRW (approximately $375,000 or 345.000 EUR).

n vision 74

Hyundai’s N Vision 74 Diagram

Advanced Hydrogen Technology and High-Performance Motor

The production N74 will be equipped with a 570 kW high-performance motor, translating to over 775 horsepower. This surpasses the performance of the concept car N Vision 74, which had a motor output of 500 kW. The N74 aims to outperform internal combustion engine supercars like the Ferrari Roma (620 horsepower) and Lamborghini Huracan (640 horsepower).

Strategic Significance and Goals

Hyundai Motor Group’s venture into hydrogen supercars is not primarily for profit. Instead, it symbolizes the company’s commitment to building a ‘hydrogen ecosystem’, aiming to boost interest in hydrogen energy. By creating a supercar using advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology, Hyundai intends to demonstrate its leadership in this future energy sector.

The production of the ‘T car’ marks the first step toward mass production. This phase involves extensive testing on actual roads to verify the vehicle’s performance, resolving any issues to finalize the specifications.

Design and Industry Recognition

While the N74’s exterior design remains under wraps, it is expected to retain the acclaimed lines of the N Vision 74, which won major global design awards (iF, IDEA, Red Dot, Good Design). The N Vision 74’s design, a modern interpretation of the 1974 Pony Coupe, received widespread praise.

Executive Interest and Commitment

Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun has shown significant interest in the N74’s development. During a meeting with Brazilian President Lula da Silva in February, Chairman Chung presented a model of the N Vision 74. At CES 2024, Chung emphasized the importance of hydrogen, stating, “Despite the challenges, someone must lead the way in hydrogen adoption, and we are committed to this mission.”

In conclusion, Hyundai Motor Group’s upcoming hydrogen-powered supercar, the N74, represents a bold step towards the future of automotive technology. This limited-edition vehicle is set to redefine performance standards and underscore Hyundai’s leadership in sustainable energy solutions.

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