Next-Gen Genesis GV80 Electric, Due in the Second Quarter of 2026

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genesis gv80 electric

We already have talked about Genesis plans for its first model under HMG’s second generation electric platform or eM. The GV80 Electric (codenamed as JX2) will be released soon after Genesis’ flagship EV. According to ETNews, the new GV80 will be all/electric only and will start mass production during the second quarter of 2026, with a sales target of 30,000 units. (ICE GV80 sold a total of 56,469 units during 2023)

Genesis GV80: The Electric Future

The second generation of the GV80 (project name JX2) is under development, reflecting Hyundai Motor Group’s commitment to innovation. The first prototype is expected in the first half of 2025, with mass production commencing in second quarter of 2026. This ambitious project showcases Genesis’ dedication to blending luxury with cutting-edge technology.

Advanced eM Platform: A New Benchmark

The new GV80, alongside the upcoming flagship electric SUV GV90 (project name JG1), will feature Hyundai’s next-generation electric vehicle platform, ‘eM‘. This platform, succeeding the current ‘E-GMP’ used in models like the Ioniq 5 and Genesis GV60, is set to enhance the product quality beyond existing EVs. The eM platform, adaptable across various vehicle sizes, aims to extend the Autonomous Emergency Response (AER) range by more than 50% compared to the Ioniq 5, and will introduce software-centric automotive (SDV) development concepts, including over-the-air (OTA) updates and Level 3+ autonomous driving.

genesis gv90

GV90, will be Genesis’ first ever vehicle to use the All-New eM platform

Integrated Modular Architecture (IMA)

Hyundai’s eM platform will incorporate the Integrated Modular Architecture (IMA), standardizing and modularizing core electric vehicle components like batteries and motors. This flexible approach allows for diverse applications across different vehicle classes, enhancing the efficiency and appeal of the electric vehicle lineup.

High-Capacity Battery and Impressive Range

Development is underway for eM platform electric vehicles to include batteries up to 113.2 kWh, targeting a remarkable range of 700-800 km on a single charge. Motors with varied outputs of 200 kW, 320 kW, and 450 kW are planned, ensuring robust performance tailored to different needs.

Global Expansion and Production

Post-2025, Genesis plans to release all new models as EVs. Production will be diversified across key global hubs, including Ulsan, Korea, and Georgia, USA, to meet the growing global demand for electrification. The Alabama plant in the USA, already producing the electrified GV70, along with the Hyundai Motor Group Meta Plant America (HMGMA) under construction in Georgia, are set to produce eM platform EVs targeting the North American market. The new GV80 is likely to be produced concurrently in Korea and the USA.


Hyundai Motor Group is strategically considering various factors, including local government policies and component infrastructure, to optimize EV production globally. With the Genesis GV80 electric vehicle, Hyundai not only reinforces its commitment to sustainable mobility but also positions itself as a leader in the luxury electric vehicle market. The future of luxury electric vehicles is bright, and Genesis is at the forefront, driving innovation and exceeding expectations.

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