KIA EV3 to Start from $21,960 in Korea

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Kia has announced the specifications and pricing for its compact SUV electric vehicle, the Kia EV3. Starting at $21,960 (including tax rebate and government subsidies), customers can place orders at Kia’s South Korean branches and dealerships.

Introducing the Kia EV3

The EV3 is Kia’s third dedicated electric vehicle, following the EV6 in 2021 and the flagship EV9 SUV in 2023. The EV3 aims to provide a practical and affordable option for the domestic electric vehicle market, making EVs accessible to a broader range of customers and reinforcing Kia’s position as a leader in electrification.

The EV3 comes in two variants: the Standard model and the Long Range model. Here are the pre-tax prices:

Standard Model:

• Air: 42.08 million KRW ($30,802)

• Earth: 45.71million KRW ($33,459)

GT Line: 46,70 million KRW ($34,184)

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Long Range Model:

• Air: 46.50 million KRW ($34,038)

• Earth: 50.13 million KRW ($36,695)

• GT Line: 51.08 million KRW ($37,390)

With tax benefits applied, the expected prices will start from approximately 39.95 million KRW ($29,243) for the Standard model and 44.15 million KRW ($32,317) for the Long Range model. Considering government and local subsidies, customers can expect to pay around 30 to 35 million KRW ($21,960 to $25,620) for the Standard model and 35 to 40 million KRW ($25,620 to $29,280) for the Long Range model. Kia plans to begin full-scale sales in July, following the completion of government certification procedures.

e-Life Package

Kia introduces the ‘e-Life Package’ for all its electric vehicles, enhancing the ease and convenience of EV ownership. This package includes:

Customized Charging Services: Installation support for personalized charging stations for various living environments, subscription-based charging plans, and on-demand pickup charging solutions.

Vehicle Care Programs: Emergency assistance to the nearest charging station, EV safety care services, and additional support for interior and glass damage repairs.

Used EV Price Guarantee Program: Guaranteeing up to 60% of the residual value for new Kia EV purchases within three years.

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Exclusive Offers for EV3 Customers

Customers who purchase the EV3 within this year can benefit from the ‘E-Value Installment Plan,’ which allows deferred payments of up to 60% of the vehicle price, with monthly installments starting at around 200,000 KRW ($146,40). Additional services include remote diagnostic services and comprehensive care packages.

Kia plans various marketing events to promote the EV3, including collaborations with Disney for the movie Inside Out 2. The EV3 will be featured in a promotional video and displayed in theaters. Kia will also conduct diverse online and offline campaigns emphasizing the EV3’s features and convenience.


Built on the E-GMP platform, the EV3 is available in two models:

Long Range: 81.4kWh battery with a range of 501km per charge.

Standard: 58.3kWh battery with a range of 350km per charge.

Both models support rapid charging, with the Long Range model charging from 10% to 80% in 31 minutes.


The Kia EV3 is set to revolutionize the South Korean electric vehicle market by offering a compelling blend of affordability, advanced features, and innovative design. Through strategic marketing and robust support programs, Kia aims to make EV ownership more accessible and appealing to a broader audience, solidifying its leadership in the electrification journey.

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