Next-Gen GV80 Delayed to 2028, First Gen to Add Hybrid

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A new report from ETNews said Genesis has delayed the mass production of its second-generation GV80 electric vehicle (codenamed as JX2), originally slated for 2026, now postponed to 2028.

In response to the temporary stagnation in EV demand, known as the “EV chasm,” and the rising demand for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), Genesis will introduce a hybrid model of the first-generation GV80, extending its lifecycle and adjusting its electrification strategy.

Market Dynamics and Strategic Adjustments

According to industry sources, Hyundai Motor Group has shifted the final mass production schedule for the Genesis JX2 project (second-generation GV80) from the third quarter of 2026 to late 2027 or early 2028, marking a delay of over a year and a half from the original plan.

Such a delay for a flagship model like the GV80, which significantly drives sales, is unusual. Prolonging the model’s lifecycle risks diminishing the new car effect, potentially leading to decreased sales.

The first-generation GV80, Genesis’s inaugural sports utility vehicle (SUV), debuted in early 2020 and is now in its fifth year. Despite a partial update in October last year, its design and features largely remain unchanged.

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Responding to Market Changes

The delay in the second-generation GV80’s production is attributed to the evolving market environment, including the EV chasm and the increasing demand for hybrid vehicles. Previously, Genesis had announced in 2021 that all new models launched from 2025 onwards would be either hydrogen fuel cell or battery electric vehicles. However, strong demand from major U.S. dealers for hybrid models has necessitated a revision of this electrification strategy.

Hyundai Motor Group plans to slow down the development of the second-generation GV80 as a purely electric vehicle. Instead, they will introduce a hybrid model based on the current first-generation to meet market demand. It is still unknown whether this new hybrid system will be an EREV or a regular hybrid.

Future Plans and Technological Advancements

Internally, Hyundai Motor Group is finalizing the development and production schedule for the JX1 (first-generation GV80) hybrid. Detailed plans for the new hybrid model are expected to be confirmed this month.

The forthcoming second-generation GV80 will utilize Hyundai’s next-generation dedicated electric vehicle platform, the eM. The first model to feature this platform will be the Genesis GV90 (project name JG), initially planned for mass production in the fourth quarter of 2025, now adjusted to the first quarter of 2026 due to production conditions and market considerations.

This strategic shift underscores Hyundai Motor Group’s adaptive approach to evolving market demands, balancing the immediate need for hybrid solutions with a longer-term commitment to full electrification.

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