Report: 2015 Kia Sedona Won’t Arrive To European Market For Now

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After Kia launch new generation Sedona the past April at the 2014 New York AutoShow, round of questions began and many journalist ask about this, but never received a response. But we had the opportunity to talk with Soon-Nam Lee, Kia Motors Worldwide Overseas Marketing Vice President, and he spoken to us about it.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]So we asked him about if Kia will launch the new Sedona (or a short wheelbase model) in Europe as the new Carnival, or the 2015 Sedona will be exclusive for the U.S. and South Korean markets.

“First, to clarify the short wheelbase and long wheelbase categorization, the previous generation Sedona (known as Carnival in many markets) was available in both short and long wheelbase versions depending on market.” said Soon-Nam Lee.

“But the all-new Sedona will be available in all destination markets as a long wheelbase version only, although 7, 8 and/or 11 seat configurations will be available depending on market.” he said.

“While we do not have any plans to sell this vehicle in Europe, some European journalists have hinted that the Sedona would also be well received in Europe if introduced. We will continue to closely monitor the market trends in Europe while keeping the door open to possible launch of the Sedona in Europe sometime in the future.” he added.

So, according to his words, we still have to wait to watch a new generation Kia Carnival rolling at the European roads.

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  1. Stuart

    It would sell like hotcakes in Europe, with everyone divorcing and starting new families with kids from two previous families at least part time. Keep the 7 year warranty, put in a diesel (2.2-2.5L), and keep the base price around 30.000€ and they would take a huge market share in the segment.

    • Marco

      Completely agree…

    • Juraj

      finger up ! Car like new sedona we dosnt have in EU market – its bad. Sedona is very very nice car for family !!!

  2. D. Böttge

    Sorry for my bad english. We drive a CARNIVAL here in Germany. Nice car and now we don’t understand that the new SEDONA does not come to Europe. I’ve driven many cars, mostly German cars. With my CARNIVAL i have more car for less money.
    And the maintenance is not more expensive than for equivalent German car.
    We must wait or import from the US.

    • Jose Antonio López

      Hey Dirk, so Kia decided to not import the Carnival to European markets due to low sales, and different problems suchs as high taxes that at first were low (for example, here in Spain they sold a lot of Carnival’s every year -people saves like 4000 or 5000€- , but then the taxes changed and people stop buying, so the market sank and when Kia need to update the model for the Euro 6, they decided to stop sold this amazing car.

  3. CDV

    Totally agree. Just saw it in the US, and would like to buy this car in Europe (Belgium) !

  4. g

    sign me up on this one.

  5. John Sandoz

    In the U.K.there is nothing as good as the Sedona we have had ours for ten years immaculate reliable car. Our previous car a Land Rover was falling to bits after 7years, I could not wait to get rid of it! Bring back the Sedona to the UK. In total my family own 4 Kias, different models. and they are all first classs.

  6. karatedog

    The closest to the Sedona is the Ford Galaxy but Galaxy is smaller. The SsangYong Rodius is about similar size but the SSangyong is ugly as hell, while KIA is well designed.

  7. Trident One

    What are Kia waiting for? It’s a no brainer. Old model sold well here in the UK. I have a top of the range Chrysler Grand Voyager which I would happily replace with one of these great Kia’s!! Waiting with impatience!!!



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