Review 2015 Hyundai Genesis Sedan 3.8 V6 311 hp

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The year 2014 was a very exciting year for Hyundai in terms of design and sales. If you say Hyundai, a lot of people will respond Genesis. The Genesis started the new design way for all the other new models that some love and other dislike but the best thing of all, it has people talking about the brand. Let me share my experience test driving the award winner 2015 Hyundai Genesis Sedan.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]If we compare the previous generation with the new Genesis, the changes are very drastically but in this case it worked 100 percent in favor to Hyundai.

The new design Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 has made the Genesis a complete new car that has raise Hyundai bar and put them next to BMW and Mercedes when it comes to design and technology.

When it comes to power, this Genesis sedan I drove came with the 3.8 L Lambda V6 GDI with 311hp powering the rear wheels pulling his weight of 4,300 pounds. For the weight i felt the car was pulling very nicely, of course the V8 would do the job a lot better carrying the weight but for the V6, this perform very well.

The engine is married to a 8 speed auto transmission with shiftronic and paddle shifters, shifting throughout gears was very smooth and using the paddle shifter still gave that little fun that the buyer will need once in a while.

[ads id=”3″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]Now remember, this Genesis suspension was finely tune thanks to the guys at Lotus and while driving this car you can feel the improvements compare to previous generations, also you can barely hear the road noise which is another improvement.

Not only I drove the Genesis in Dallas and other small cities but i also made a small trip to the capital of Texas, Austin. We drove 203 miles south for real aventure and get a real feel of this car on long trip. I decided to go straight to the Capitol using all technology available on the Genesis so I dont have to feel the 3 hours drive.

For this Genesis we had leather, aluminium and real wood which includes the premium quality of the car. The lexicon stereo on this car sounds really nice with enough bass to roll down the window and enjoy while cruising. We used the Blue Link app on my phone to sent the address to the Genesis, once inside the car we went through the messages and head to Austin.

Once on highway 35 we decided to test the smart cruise control and I have to say that is now my new best friend, I drove the entire road trip with the smart cruise control and it helped me relax be more comfortable inside and not worrying hitting the car in front of me but I did found a problem.

In two occasion, while I was driving on the fast lane, a car from the slow lane tried to merge to my lane and of course my first reaction was to brake but on the second time I decided to trust the Genesis, it took few more second than I would like and I was very close to step on the brakes but the Genesis immidetially brake for me, now I didn’t had anybody behind me so I was ok but I’m wondering what would been the reaction if I had car behind me traveling at the same speed. Now we can’t expect the car to drive for me, well leave that to Google.

Hyundai also presented the world’s first CO2 sensor, when multiple passenger are in the CO2 will raise and this could make the driver sleepy and come to accident. For my trip we had total of 3 passengers including my baby, even though is very difficult to test this, I will say this worked because we didn’t crash.

The smart trunk came really handy in multi ocassions. The most common one has to be geting groceries but now since I became a father couple months ago, it helped me opening the trunk by standing behind the car while I was busy folding my baby’s stroller. Those seconds are really precious when it comes to leaving your baby inside your car, specially when they are crying. Ohh and l did mention the mall? Yeah, my wife was happy to go inside the car instead of helping me opening the trunk lol.

This particular model is priced at $49,950 which includes all the packages (Signature, Tech and Ultimate package) which is an extra $11,000 to the base pricetag.

The Genesis Sedan not only has our and many Hyundai enthusiasts approval but it has also won many awards, down below we will enlist all of them.


“Luxury car of the year” Award from Popular Mechanics.

– ALG Residual Value Award.


Stay tuned for an awesome give away thanks to @Hyundai USA. They have gave us one die cast model of the Genesis sedan for our readers.

Review 2015 Hyundai Genesis

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