Hyundai Showcased HTRAC System with LED Ligths

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hyundai genesis htrac

Latest Hyundai ad uses LED lights to showcase how the HTRAC intelligent power distribution system works, which is not usually visible to the human eye.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]Hyundai set up to LED lights on each wheel, to light up with each spin. Just by watching the changing light intensity, you can witness the dynamic driving power distribution.

HTRAC is Hyundai’s intelligent all-wheel drive power management system, which dynamically distributes power to each wheel in order to optimise traction and safety. It is currently available exclusively on the 2015 3.8L V6 Genesis, shown in this video. HTRAC distributes power according to road surface traction, but also according to drive mode. Two drive modes exist, Normal and Sport. Normal mode distributes power to optimise torque traction, in order to achieve the best traction possible on any given road surface, including extreme snowy conditions. Sport mode is more about fun and performance, allocating all or most of the power to the rear wheels.

Unlike the mechanical four-wheel-drive systems already introduced by countless other brands, HTRAC variably controls the braking power of the left and right wheels. It can change the amount of power allowed when driving on ice or other road conditions, as well as the speed of the car, for a next-generation four-wheel-drive system that delivers stable driving on slippery roads and when cornering.

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

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