Hyundai Also Trademarked a Second Electric Pickup, the IONIQ T7

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DALL·E 2024-02-13 Hyundai IONIQ T7 pick up rendering

We recently shared that Hyundai trademarked the IONIQ T10 nameplate through a trademark application in Australia, thanks to our colleagues at Now we have discovered that Hyundai also trademarked what it looks like a smaller sibling, the IONIQ T7, which can confirm the signals for the arrival of a new electric dual-cab pickup truck.

Hyundai Ioniq T10: Leading the Charge

The Hyundai Ioniq T10 is emerging as a flagship model in Hyundai’s electric vehicle lineup, its name denoting its premier status among Hyundai’s Ioniq electric vehicles. The ‘T’ in its name reflects its identity as a truck, appealing to the American market’s affinity for utility vehicles. The trademark application for the Ioniq T10 name in Australia underlines Hyundai’s commitment to expanding its electric vehicle portfolio, offering a glimpse into the company’s strategic direction in embracing electric mobility.

Introducing the Ioniq T7: A Smaller, Affordable Electric Pickup

In a strategic move to cater to a broader audience, Hyundai has also registered a trademark for the Ioniq T7, which could signify plans for a smaller and more affordable electric pickup. This development suggests Hyundai’s intent to diversify its electric utility vehicle offerings, providing options that accommodate different market segments. The Ioniq T7, potentially positioned as a compact counterpart to the larger Ioniq T10, underscores Hyundai’s ambition to dominate the electric vehicle market by introducing versatile models that appeal to various consumer preferences.

hyundai also trademarked ioniq t7 pickup truck

Hyundai IONIQ T7 trademark file

Trademark Insights: Revealing Hyundai’s Electric Strategy

The trademarks for the Ioniq T10 and Ioniq T7 paint a picture of Hyundai’s comprehensive strategy in the electric vehicle sector. Filed under categories encompassing a wide range of electric vehicles, these applications highlight Hyundai’s ambition to lead in the electric revolution. While the company remains tight-lipped about the specifics of these models, the trademarks themselves signal Hyundai’s proactive approach in securing a significant foothold in the burgeoning electric utility vehicle market.

Design and Market Expectations: Envisioning the Future

Speculative designs and digital illustrations offer a glimpse into what the Ioniq T10 and potentially the Ioniq T7 could look like. The Ioniq T10 is anticipated to be a robust addition to the electric vehicle lineup, likely tailored to the American market’s preference for larger utility vehicles. On the other hand, the Ioniq T7, with its hinted smaller size and affordability, could attract a different demographic, looking for an eco-friendly and efficient electric pickup option. Together, these models highlight Hyundai’s commitment to providing a range of electric vehicles that cater to diverse needs and preferences.

Launch Timelines and the Evolving Competitor Landscape

The anticipation for the Hyundai Ioniq T10’s launch, expected around 2025 or 2026, is building, with the automotive community keen to see Hyundai’s vision come to life. The potential introduction of the Ioniq T7 adds an exciting dimension to Hyundai’s electric vehicle strategy, promising to bring more affordable electric pickup options to the market. As competitors like Kia announce their plans for electric utes, Hyundai’s dual approach with the Ioniq T10 and T7 positions it strongly in a rapidly evolving market, ready to meet the growing demand for electric utility vehicles.

Conclusion: Hyundai’s Electric Ambitions Take Shape

Hyundai’s unveiling of the Ioniq T10 and the tease of an Ioniq T7 mark a significant milestone in the company’s electric vehicle journey. These moves signal Hyundai’s readiness to embrace the electric future with open arms, offering a glimpse into a world where electric utility vehicles cater to a wide range of consumer needs. As the industry watches closely, Hyundai’s strategic expansion into the electric vehicle market with the Ioniq T10 and T7 promises to redefine mobility, sustainability, and innovation in the automotive world.

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